ŠKODA Connect

ŠKODA Connect is made up of 3 core services, each with different functions, but each aiming to improve your understanding of and ability to interact with your car. Whether you’re in, out, or a long way away from your car, ŠKODA Connect ensures you’re never disconnected from it.

SKODA Connect Media 

Infotainment Online can improve your in-car experience.

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SKODA Connect Wifi 

Care Connect gives you remote access to your car whenever you’re away from it.

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SKODA Connect Emergency 

Emergency call is an automated alert system that notifies our support team in the event of an emergency.

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The Infotainment Online package offers a wide range of services including reports on the traffic situation, latest news, the weather forecast and also allows for more advanced navigation in connection with Google Earth. This means you have better foresight of your journey before you start. Take a look at the video below for a simple demonstration of the Infotainment Online service.


​Columbus navigation system recognizes a track currently being played and displays information available on this track online. It displays the title of the track and album, the name of the artist(s) and the album cover. The data is then saved to the customer’s onboard database.​
Google Earth™

You can view satellite maps of the local area on the Columbus infotainment system display to give you a better idea of where you are or discover new points of interest. ​​​​*Google earth is available for the Columbus Infotainment system only on new cars produced prior to week 31/2018 and user extensions until Calendar week 45/2019.

Online Map Update
​​​Columbus navigation system maps can easily be updated online, so you no longer need to possess an SD card or pop into your dealer’s to get this done. The infotainment system tells you about newly available data and disk space requirements. Note: A data flat rate with the mobile provider is highly recommended as large data packages are exchanged. ​​
Online Traffic Information
Online Traffic Information keeps you abreast of the traffic situation, pointing out any accidents, roadworks or traffic jams. The system will also offer you an ideal alternative route calculated according to the latest traffic news. Colour-coded sections are accompanied by info on how much time you will lose. ​​​
My Points of Interest
​​​You can define your favourite POIs and transmit them to the infotainment system via the ŠKODA Connect Portal from the comfort of home. Favourite-POI lists include information about restaurant chains, petrol stations, sights, speed cameras, etc. ​​​​​
​​Display the latest news directly on the screen of the navigation system. In the ŠKODA Connect Portal, news feeds can be selected and sent to the vehicle. ​​
Parking Spaces
With the Parking Spaces service, you will no longer roam the streets vainly searching for a free space. You’ll save time and money because the parking space search can be expanded to include car park prices and opening times. Note: The parking spaces data displayed depends on the availability of data from the content provider.​
Petrol Stations
I​​nformation on the station brand, direction and current prices is displayed in real time. The petrol stations available are offered on the screen according to the automatically detected type of fuel. When you enter a destination in the navigation system, petrol stations on the way are displayed, allowing you to optimise your fuel costs. Note: The petrol stations data displayed depends on the availability of data from the content provider. ​
​​You’ll never be wrong-footed by the weather again as the latest weather at your destination or in your current location can be viewed on the navigation system display. You can also view a detailed days-ahead forecast or current radar data. Note: The weather info displayed depends on the availability of data from the content provider.​
Online Route Import
​Plan a tour with several stops en route from the comfort of home via ŠKODA Connect Portal and export the itinerary to your vehicle. The Connect Portal allows up to 5 tours with 10 stops on the way. If necessary, existing routes can then be deleted in order to make space for new routes. ​
Online POI Search - Voice
​Use the navigation system to search online for POIs that interest you. On top voice control in the Columbus infotainment system lets you search POIs online quickly and safely, doing away with the need to stop the car. ​
Online Destination Import
​Using the ŠKODA Connect Portal or ŠKODA Connect App, select your favourite destinations and transmit them to your in-car navigation system. The vehicle imports them as soon as it is online. Note: There is space for 100 destinations in the Connect Portal. If necessary, existing destinations can then be deleted in order to make space for new ones. ​
Online POI Search - Text
​This Online POI Search allows you to search for a point of interest using text input. You will see the distance and details such as name, address, and phone number. The navigation system will guide you to the selected destination. ​

Care Connect

Accessible via your smartphone and the ŠKODA Connect app, Care Connect allows you to view your parking position, receive alerts if your car alarm has been activated, honk your horn, flash your lights, and even review the status of your vehicles fuel tank, no matter where you are. This allows you to sleep easy and think about more important things. View the video below to see these features and more in action.


Remote Access

Remote Access gives you access to your car’s features via your smartphone and the ŠKODA Connect app. For example, in a town you don’t know, Remote Access makes it easy to find where you parked your car, and with other functions keep your car under control.

Honk & Flash
​​​If you’re not sure where you parked your car in a large car park, activate the horn and / or hazard lights remotely via ŠKODA Connect App to make your search that much easier.
​ Note: This function works if you are within a 500-metre radius of the vehicle
Parking Position
​​When you’re in a town you don’t know or if you’re in a large P+R car park, it’s easy to get lost and become unsure where you parked. Parking Position consigns those worries to the past. The vehicle transmits its position data to the backend server after every trip. After retrieving the data via smartphone or the customer portal, you can find your parked vehicle using its GPS position. ​
Driving Data
​Whether you want to know your trip parameters in order to practice consumption control or simply have a summary of where you’ve travelled, Driving data is the ideal solution. You can retrieve current data on vehicle use, such as average fuel consumption, average speed or distance travelled, via the ŠKODA Connect Portal or ŠKODA Connect App.​
Online Anti-Theft Alarm
​Keep control of your vehicle even when you’re out of earshot. No matter where you are, you will immediately be alerted by email or smartphone if your Anti-Theft Alarm is activated so that you can take the necessary action. ​
Area Notification
To prevent improper use of the vehicle, use the ŠKODA Connect Portal to configure up to ten areas and active periods during which notifies you whether the vehicle has moved within the designated area or has entered a prohibited area. If vehicle activity is detected outside of these parameters, you receive a notification in ŠKODA Connect App or an email.
​Note: You can setup up to 10 different areas, but only 4 can be activated at once.
Vehicle Status
​Do you like to keep tabs on your stuff, including your car? The ŠKODA Connect Portal and ŠKODA Connect app give you access to all the latest information about your car, including mileage, maintenance information, fuel range and fuel level. And you might just want to check that you turned the lights off and locked the car. ​
Speed Notification
​Keep track of how your car is being used and set a one-off or recurring alert if you go faster than the speed you have selected. You will be alerted if the vehicle exceeds the selected speed limit. You can access, set and manage the speed limit status at any time in the ŠKODA Connect Portal.
Note: You can setup up to 10 different speed limits, but only 2 can be activated at once.​​

Proactive Service

The Proactive Service gives you a perfect insight into your vehicle’s technical condition and upcoming servicing. By teaming up with your selected service partner, the system ensures that your car remains in excellent technical condition whatever the circumstances.

Info Call
​To receive up-to-date information on ŠKODA products or support for ŠKODA Connect services, push the Info Call button on the 3-button module and establish a connection with the ŠKODA Importers’ Customer Care Call Centre. ​
Automatic Accident Notification
​If the vehicle’s crash sensor system detects an accident below the threshold for an emergency call, the infotainment display offers the option of a Breakdown Call to find the right solution to your problem as quickly as possible. ​
Breakdown Call
​Maximum ease and convenience are our watchwords even if your car breaks down. Pressing a button on the roof module connects you to a roadside assistance call centre. The car also automatically sends data about its position and condition to the call centre so that the best solution can be found to your situation as soon as possible.​
Service Scheduling
​With Service Scheduling, you no longer have the worry of planning services because your authorised service partner does this for you. The vehicle reports the servicing required (such as a regular service and oil change) to the backend server. The details are sent to your preferred service partner, who contacts you proactively to schedule an appointment. ​
Vehicle Health Report
​The Vehicle Health Report is a service delivering an excellent overview of your car’s technical condition. The vehicle exports data on the current vehicle condition (selected warning messages displayed in the instrument cluster, servicing requirements, etc.), which you can then retrieve and print out in the ŠKODA Connect Portal. ​

Emergency Call

Accidents can’t always be avoided, so it’s important you have someone (or something) there to support you when you need it. Emergency Call is a clever system that detects if the airbag control unit has been triggered and instantly connects to our ŠKODA Emergency Centre, providing details on your situation so help can be provided as quickly as possible. This helpful video will tell you more.

ŠKODA Connect Portal

To start making the most of your ŠKODA Connect services you must first register and activate them via the ŠKODA Connect Portal. The ŠKODA Connect Portal lets you manage your account easily and conveniently from the comfort of your own home. From here you can also download the ŠKODA Connect Mobile app, which allows you to control your car from your smartphone.

The ŠKODA Connect app

Available from both the Apple and Android app stores, the ŠKODA Connect app takes mere moments to download and gives you the chance to get all these features mentioned and more.