We offer a selection of charging accessories for your Škoda electric vehicle. As standard you will receive a mode 3 charging cable (6 metres). However, if you’d like an additional cable you will find them below.

Charging Mode Products

Mode 2

Easy charging wherever you are – at home, at work or at your friends. The mode 2 charging set is designed for charging at 2.3KW in UK household plug socket.


Technical specification:

• Charging power: 2.3 kW

• Charging voltage: 230 v

• Charging current: 10 A

• Car connector: Type 2

• Charging connector: Standard UK plug

• Overall cable length: ca. 6m


RRP: £235

Mode 3

Charge on the road with the mode 3 charging set from Škoda. Designed for public chargers and also as a great alternative for those stations that are not fitted with a suitable (compatible) charging cable.


Technical specifications:

• Charging power: 3.6 kW

• Charging current: 3x20 A

• Car connector: Type 2

• Charger connector and standard EU plug

• Overall length of the cable: ca. 6 metres


RRP: £204

Charging pack

Make charging your car as easy as charging your phone wherever you are. Pack includes Mode 2 charging cable and charging case offered at a reduced price compared to purchasing items individually.

Additional Accessories

Pocket for charging cables

The sleek and convenient way to keep the mode 3 charging cable for your Škoda electric car close at hand.

The Pocket for charging cables is designed specifically to fit the mode 3 cable from the Škoda Genuine Accessories range.



RRP: £48

Charging Port Cover

Provide your Enyaq electric SUV with protection against the weather during charging. Just place this charging port cover from the Škoda Genuine Accessories range around the car's AC connector. This will prevent snow and dirt from getting into the charging port, helping you to keep it clean even when the weather is bad.


RRP: £19.50

Charging cable case

The charging cable case is a practical accessory for any electric car, ensuring that the charging cable is always to hand whenever you need it.


Material: Fabric, Thermoplastic case (PET + EVA)


Maintenance: Standard solution of soapy water or conventional cleaning agents suitable for use on plastics. Do not use abrasive cleaning agents or chemical solvent.


RRP: £65.50

Cable Cleaner

The charging cable must be kept clean, which is where this handy charging cable cleaner steps in. Suitable for cable cross-sections from 11 to 16mm.


Material: Polypropylene with rubber attachment


RRP: £13.50

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