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Our first fully electric SUV, the Škoda Enyaq, offers an impressive range and an electrifying variety of features including mobile connectivity and a digital cockpit. Discover the Enyaq.

Enyaq Coupé

Following this we introduced the Enyaq Coupé, our first ever all-electric Škoda vRS. The all-wheel drive Enyaq Coupé delivers exceptional acceleration and sheer exhilaration. Discover the Enyaq Coupé.

You can use our Fuel Savings calculator to work out how much you can save on fuel with an electric vehicle. Simply enter the annual mileage and fuel consumption of the ICE car you wish to compare against to see your yearly savings.


Use our charging calculator to find out how fast the Enyaq can be charged and compare home and public charging times.

Typically, Electric Vehicle drivers would charge their car to between 20% and 80%. Like a mobile phone, charging is quickest the first 20% and once it passes 80% it slows to protect the battery’s longevity. You can of course charge it to 100% ahead of longer journeys but it is not recommended to leave the car at 100% charge for long periods. 

The Waste Batteries and Accumulators Regulations 2009 require batteries to be taken back free of charge on request. Škoda UK aim to make sure that high-voltage batteries are disposed of properly. Contact your local Škoda retailer for further information.

Standard extension cables cannot cope with the continuous high power draw required to charge an electric vehicle. If you are unable to find a suitable place to charge at home, there are an ever increasing amount of convenient public charging options including street chargers (e.g. in lamp posts), destination chargers (e.g. at supermarkets, cinemas or shopping centres), or workplace chargers which can make charging away from home quick and easy. 

Yes. The vehicle is designed to be safe whilst charging on rainy days. However, the plugs and sockets are not designed to be immersed in water. 

Like most lithium-ion batteries we use every day, such as in our smartphones, the capacity of batteries in electric vehicles will reduce over time through use and charging. This is important to keep in mind when comparing new and used electric vehicles on our website, as the capacity of a used battery will be lower than the capacity of a new battery.

The reduction of battery capacity through use, charging and time is called ‘degradation’.  For battery electric cars, degradation is affected by many variables such as charging speed, driving style, charging volume, temperature etc. As a battery ages the capacity will reduce, which means that the battery may need to be charged more frequently and the range achievable in real life may decrease.

You should not rely on new car performance figures (including battery capacity and range) in relation to used vehicles with older batteries, as they will not reflect used vehicle performance in the real world.


Use our range calculator to get an idea of how far you could drive your electric vehicle on a single charge and how the range if affected by several factor such as weather, driving style and occupancy.

Find out more about the Enyaq here.

The range of electric vehicles will generally differ due to various factors. Visit our dedicated page which explains how your electric range may be affected and find our useful hints and tips about how to maximise your range.

It might surprise you to learn that Norway and Canada are the countries with the most electric car drivers. As with combustion engines, electric motors do consume more energy in the cold; however, there are lots of ways to get around this. Electric cars can be heated via an app, which reduces consumption when driving. Find out more. 


Octopus Energy is Škoda’s recommended energy supplier. We’ve partnered with them to give our EV customers a green energy solution that keeps their running costs down. Find out more about the Octopus Energy deal and how to sign up here.

Yes. Electric vehicles are designed and tested to the same standards as conventional combustion engine vehicles and can be taken through all types of car washes.

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