Up to 10,000 free miles± with OVO Energy

We’ve teamed up with the award winning, renewable energy supplier OVO Energy, to provide market leading home energy tariffs designed specifically for EV drivers to benefit from cheaper overnight charging.

Customers who switch will also benefit from up to 10,000 free miles± . The offer is also available to existing OVO Energy customers who add Charge Anytime to their OVO Energy plan.

The perfect energy plan for your Enyaq

The clever tech behind OVO’s app means your car’s always charged at the greenest times when you smart charge^. You also get personalised insights into your charging habits, and you’ll see how much money you're saving with Charge Anytime credits. All managed through their handy app.

Benefits of switching to OVO with Charge Anytime

There are no time limitations for cheaper smart charging, the discounted rate applies for all hours so you'll pay just 7p per kWh any time you charge your electric vehicle from home.

On top of that, OVO include up to 10,000 free miles when you add Charge Anytime to your OVO energy plan. Plus, get an extra 1,000 free miles every year for up to 3 years±.

Who is OVO Energy?

OVO Energy is Škoda’s recommended energy supplier. We’ve partnered with them to give our EV customers a green energy solution that keeps their running costs down. Thanks to our partnership, Škoda drivers who switch to OVO and add Charge Anytime to their energy plan get up to 10,000 free miles±.

Need to talk to OVO?

Call OVO on: 0333 034 1590

Lines are open Mon-Fri from 9am to 5pm

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