Lease my Škoda from home

Leasing a new Škoda has never been easier. We've partnered with Volkswagen Financial Services (UK) LTD, so whether you’re sitting on the sofa or out for coffee, you can find your ideal car, get a quote quickly and order online. All the cars listed are in stock and there are no hidden fees. Plus, once we’ve delivered your car to your nearest retailer you’ll get the peace of mind that comes with 24/7 Driverline support. Lease from the experts, click below to get started.

It’s a quick and simple process

Step one

Browse through the available stock and choose your perfect Škoda.

Step two

Choose your rental period, mileage per year and initial rental to get a quote in minutes.

Step three

Set up a finance agreement with Škoda Financial Services.

Step four

Arrange your new car to be delivered contact free to your nearest participating retailer.

How much do I pay and when?

Our payment options are designed to be flexible. Take a look at the illustration below to see how you can spread out your costs.

Business and Personal contract hire offers

See our latest business and personal contract hire offers on available stock cars across the range by visiting Lease my Škoda. Includes online credit checks, instant quotes, and online ordering.

Lease my Škoda benefits

> Fixed monthly rentals

> A brand new Škoda car of your choice

> No worrying about depreciation

> Tax relief for businesses

> Hassle-free returns

> Get a quote instantly online

> All cars available within 4 weeks

Frequently asked questions

This means the car is physically built and is currently located at one of our Ports.

This will vary each month, depending on demand at the time of order and the supplying Retailers’ capacity. Your supplying Retailer will be able to give you a more accurate forecast at the time the order is placed. The maximum delivery time should not exceed four weeks.

Once you have your car on order please speak with your supplying Retailer and discuss with them your requirements so everything can be put inplace to meet them, and prioritise your order accordingly.

Yes, Volkswagen Financial Services will do a credit check in order to accept a customer for Finance. They will be able to answer any questions you have on this process at the time.

Your supplying Retailer will be able to discuss any part exchange opportunity that exists for you.

Insurance is not automatically covered with the deal but you can discuss your requirements with either your supplying Retailer or with Volkswagen Financial Services directly.

Want to buy a new Škoda but unsure where to start?

Find out everything you need to know about how to purchase a new car online in one place.