A new way to drive

Plug-in hybrid vehicles, known as PHEVs, give you the best of both worlds. By combining an electric motor with a traditional combustion engine, they dramatically reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

Drive it your way

A plug-in hybrid could be the perfect alternative if you don’t feel ready to make the jump to a fully electric car. For shorter journeys a PHEV can use just electricity, however you still have the petrol engine to fall back on if you need to clock up more miles.

Three driving modes

Regular motorway drives, short urban commutes or long one off trips - with three distinct driving modes our plug-in-hybrid models offer flexibility to suit all types of drive.


When using e-mode your PHEV will drive purely on electricity, only using fuel reserves when you’ve used all of the available electric range.


Hit Sport-mode and feel the full power of your PHEV. This mode fully engages both the electric and petrol engines to give you a faster, more dynamic performance.


Hybrid-mode switches between both engines depending on the situation. The electronics optimise the balance between the petrol engine and the electric motor.

Do Škoda offer a plug-in hybrid?

Yes! The All-New Škoda Kodiaq (5-seater only) and the All-New Superb Estate will be available as a plug-in hybrid.

What are the benefits?

PHEV Benefits

Easy to charge

Regenerative braking

Great for the environment

Is an electric car right for me?

To help you decide we’ve put together a guide on charging options and information on how government grants can help you make the switch to an electric car cheaper.

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