A new way to drive

Welcome to the era of Plug-in Hybrid vehicles, or PHEVs, where innovation meets sustainability. Seamlessly blending an electric motor with a traditional combustion engine, these vehicles offer the ultimate fusion of efficiency and performance, significantly cutting down on fuel consumption and emissions. Join us in embracing a greener tomorrow with PHEVs, where driving pleasure meets environmental responsibility.

The All-New Škoda Kodiaq

The ultimate familying vehicle, now available as a PHEV variant to cut your fuel consumption and emissions, especially on shorter trips like school runs. With a 7-seater option, there’s no limit to the family adventures you can enjoy in comfort and style, seven days a week.

The All-New Škoda Superb

More elegant, evocative, dynamic and now avaliable as a PHEV. The All-New Superb impresses with a streamlined design, bold and sculptural forms, crisp lines and crystalline lighting. Explore the All-New Superb to find out what’s new.

Drive it your way

Consider a plug-in hybrid as the ideal bridge if you're not quite ready to go fully electric. With the ability to run solely on electricity for shorter trips, yet backed by a petrol engine for longer journeys, it offers the best of both worlds, ensuring you're covered no matter the distance.

Three driving modes

Whether it's regular motorway cruises, short urban commutes, or lengthy one-off adventures, our plug-in hybrid models provide versatility with three distinct driving modes. Experience flexibility tailored to every journey you take.


In e-mode, your PHEV operates solely on electricity, seamlessly switching to fuel reserves only when you've depleted the available electric range.


Activate Sport Mode and unleash the full potential of your PHEV. This dynamic setting maximizes the combined power of both electric and petrol engines, delivering an exhilarating and responsive performance like never before.


Hybrid Mode seamlessly transitions between both engines as needed, with sophisticated electronics optimizing the interplay between the petrol engine and electric motor for optimal efficiency.

What are the benefits?

PHEV Benefits

Easy to charge

Regenerative braking

Great for the environment

Is an electric vehicle the right choice for my needs?

In order to assist you in making an informed decision, we've assembled a comprehensive guide outlining various charging options, along with details on how government grants can significantly reduce the cost of transitioning to an electric vehicle.

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