Škoda do everything we can to keep you safe on the road. Not only do our cars feature the most advanced equipment that should both actively prevent accidents and protect occupants in case of an emergency, but we also want to show you how you yourself can contribute to your own safety. Because for us, putting safety first means to care – about yourself, your passengers and others on the road.

How to drive safely

With all the advanced technology within our reach, it’s easy to overlook the one thing that makes every drive truly safe. And that is you. The driver.

It’s crucial to know the basic and not so basic principles of safe driving - that includes understanding how to make the best use of Škoda safety assistant systems. Using an example of the two most common driving situations – driving in dense city traffic versus long distance driving we’ll show you how to use the safety assistant systems.

Škoda driver-assistance systems

Check out this detailed overview of all the advanced driver-assistance systems in Škoda models. In every car, you will find safety and comfort systems ensuring ease of travel whatever the circumstances.

Driver-assistance systems


Front assist

Predictive cruise control

Side assist

Traffic jam assist

Travel assist

Narrow lane assist

Traffic sign recognition

Driver alert

Park assist

Manoeuvre assist

Area view

Trailer assist

Emergency assist

Crew protect assist

Multi-collision brake

Advanced lighting systems

The visibility of a vehicle plays a central role in road traffic safety. Innovative lighting systems guarantee optimum "see and be seen" for the Škoda models.

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Stay on the safe side

Help us make the roads safer

Long before cars, Škoda was all about bikes. Now we take care of cyclists and drivers alike. Together, we share the same roads and it is only by paying attention to traffic education that we can better cooperate and prevent dangerous situations.

Driving stability systems

A - DE - HI - ST - Z

Anti-Lock Brake System

Anti-Slip Regulation

Cornering Brake Control

Driver Steering Recommendation

Electronic Brakeforce Distribution

Electronic Differential Lock

Electronic Stability Control

Hydraulic Brake Assist

Multi-Collision Brake

Electronic Drag Torque Regulation

Rain Brake Support

Tyre Pressure Monitoring

Trailer Stability Assist

Electronic Differential Lock

Emergency call/ecall+

A very important safety feature is the Emergency Call/eCall+, which is free of charge for the car’s entire lifetime. In the event of accident, a connection to the emergency centre is automatically established. Data such as the location, direction of travel, number of passengers and severity of the accident is forwarded. Professional assistance can then reach the site as quickly as possible.

All-wheel drive

Selected Škoda models are available with state-of-the-art all-wheel drive, guaranteeing optimal driving dynamics and the highest level of active safety in all circumstances, including in the wet and snow. Discover which models offer AWD and more about how it works.

Safe body design

The cabin of all Škoda models is manufactured from the hardest possible materials in order to provide the passengers with maximum protection.

Safety accessories

The range of Škoda Genuine Accessories includes mandatory safety equipment and items that will be a godsend if the unexpected happens.

Better safe than sorry


Dog safety Belt

Reflective safety vest

Warning triangle

Tow rope

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