What is Lease Purchase?

Lease Purchase gives you the chance to finance your Škoda with lower monthly payments by deferring an agreed amount until the end of your contract.

How much do I pay and when?

Once you’ve chosen your Škoda and decided on an initial payment, there are three decisions that will affect your monthly payments:

Choose between 18 and 48 months.

Choose how many miles you expect to drive each year. This will affect both your monthly payments and final ‘balloon’ repayment.

Agree an amount to defer until the end of the agreement. Contact your local retailer if you would like a Hire Purchase finance calculation.

What benefits does Lease Purchase offer me?


Long-term ownership

Lease Purchase is great if you’re seeking long-term ownership whilst looking to reduce your monthly payments by deferring an agreed amount to the end of your agreement

Low deposit

Deposits can be as little as one monthly repayment.

Need help understanding your financing options?

Request a personalised quote from your local retailer