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Cycling is a massive part of our history. After all, we started as a bike manufacturer all the way back in 1895. But we’re not ones for dwelling too much on the past, find out all the ways we’re still helping to revolutionise the sport.

The InternationElles ride Tour de France distance from home

In a further bid to raise awareness of gender inequality in cycling, the team completed a 4-day non-stop team relay of 3,470km followed by an ‘Everest’ climb of 8,848 metres in a single day.

ŠKODA SUPERB iV at the 2020 Tour de France

You cannot help but notice all the ŠKODA vehicles skilfully weaving through the Tour de France peloton, whether they fly their team's colours, the support-car yellow or the Tour director's velvet red. Take a look at the fully equipped ŠKODA SUPERB iV in action at the 2020 Tour de France below.

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