Make it yours

How do you make your lovely ŠKODA even better? With our range of indispensable ŠKODA accessories.


Exterior stylingProtection packageTransportPets

Transverse Roof Rack

Alloy Wheels

Running Boards

Double Sided Boot Liner


Floor Mats

Lockable Roof Box

Bike Carrier for Roof Rack

Bike Carrier for Tow Bar

Dog Seat Belts

Dog Guards

Back Seat Protection

How to buy

1. Choose accessories from the website or brochure

2. Contact your local ŠKODA retailer who can reserve what you want

3. If anything needs fitting your ŠKODA retailer can arrange this for you

4. Collect your new ŠKODA accessories (usually within 48 hours)

ŠKODA Scooter product recall

ŠKODA AUTO found out construction failures at ŠKODA Scooter that has been sold to customers during years 2019 and 2020.

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