Doing disposal the right way

As part of Volkswagen Group UK, Škoda is proud to be partnered with Autogreen Ltd. Autogreen Ltd have a government approved network of certified dismantling facilities that recycle and recover 95% of material from vehicles in line with UK legislation.

Finding your nearest Volkswagen Group UK recycling facility is easy. Simply visit or call 0800 542 2002.

We can also take back a large range of used parts when we do vehicle repairs and remanufacture them on an industrial scale. We sell these parts all over the world with a full manufacturer’s guarantee under our Genuine Parts scheme.

Battery recycling

Every battery producer in the UK must be registered with the Government as part of an initiative that encourages battery collection and recycling. This saves batteries from becoming harmful landfill. Volkswagen Group UK Ltd is a registered Producer of Automotive, Industrial and Portable Batteries under the registration number BPRN00504.


Vehicle batteries

As part of the 2009 Waste Batteries and Accumulators Regulations we are obliged to collect used automotive batteries free of charge and within a reasonable time for treatment and recycling. When your vehicle’s battery reaches the end of its life, you can take it for disposal at any of the following:

• Garages

• Civic amenity and recycling centres

• Local authority battery collection schemes (check with your local council)

• Licensed scrap yards

• Authorised treatment facilities.

Volkswagen Group UK can arrange for the collection of batteries arising from their vehicles from any of the facilities listed above, just email


Electric or hybrid and other industrial batteries

Škoda UK produces NiMH, Li-Ion and lead-acid industrial batteries. Because we place industrial batteries into the UK market, we are obliged to arrange the free of charge treatment and recycling of them - under the 2009 Waste Batteries and Accumulators Regulations. Please email with any battery recycling inquiry you may have. Once you provide the details, we will arrange the return and recycling of the battery.

We are required to offer this every calendar year we put new industrial batteries on the UK market.


Portable batteries

Volkswagen Group UK Ltd carry out producer compliance obligations via Clarity. Discover more about the benefits of recycling and find your nearest battery disposal facility at