How to get a part exchange valuation from ŠKODA

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Whether you’re simply selling your car, or offering it as a part-exchange towards a new or Approved Used ŠKODA, our experts will give you a valuation and help you get the best deal.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

When you part exchange, you trade in your current car for cash which is then put towards the deposit on your next car.

In a part exchange, you and the retailer must first agree on the trade-in value of your old car — how much it’s worth will vary based on its condition, mileage and other factors.

Once the trade-in value has been agreed, the retailer deducts that amount from the price of the new (or used) car that they’re selling you.

You’ll then either pay off the remaining balance in cash, or take out a loan or finance agreement to cover it.

You’ll avoid all the hassle of a private sale. No waiting. No advertising costs. No tyre kickers or timewasters. No haggling or quibbling.

And since your car is being bought by an official ŠKODA retailer, they’ll thoroughly inspect your part exchange beforehand, eliminating the risk of post-sale disputes.

There are a whole host of websites that provide free valuations, showing you your car’s part-exchange value, which you can use as a reference point when you receive your estimated valuation. Please note that the valuation can only be confirmed with a physical inspection at your chosen retailer.

Before you offer your car as a part exchange, make sure it’s looking its best and that any service and maintenance work is bang up to date. If you do that, you'll help to maximise the value of your vehicle when you trade it in.

As a minimum, make sure you:

• Wash and clean your car — inside and out

• Assess your car’s condition – again, inside and out

• Look for any faults or damage. Can you get them repaired for a reasonable cost? Then do so.

• Anything missing? Look for any missing components and get them replaced