Easier than you think

On average your vehicle spends around 80%¹ of the time parked at home. So why not put your car on charge at the same time as your mobile phone.

Charging that has you covered

In the UK, 95% of car journeys are less than 25 miles², which means the majority of journeys could be covered by charging with your home wall box.

An expanding network

There are now thousands of public charging stations across the UK with new ones being added every day. Simply put your car on charge and grab a well-earned coffee break on those longer journeys.

Cheaper charging

Electricity is currently two-thirds cheaper³ than petrol or diesel, so it could cost far less than you may think to top up your electric Škoda.

How can I find my nearest charging point?

Škoda Connect

The Škoda Connect app can tell you where the nearest charging point to your location is and display it on your phone.

In-car sat-nav

Find and set a course to your nearest charging point using your Škoda’s sat-nav system.

Find charging points with ZapMap

There is a network of more than 41,041 public charging stations at 15,239 locations across the UK*. With ZapMap, you can get instantly find them and check their current status. To take a look and find your nearest charging point, click the link below.

Škoda Powerpass iV

Powerpass enables you to conveniently charge your electric vehicle and allow you to see all your charging data and payments, neatly in one app.

Where can I use Powerpass?

Where can I find free charging points?

There are thousands of free electric AC charge points in the UK. These are usually found in the following places:

  • Supermarkets
  • Shopping centres
  • Public car parks
  • Hotels
  • Service stations

Just be aware there may be some restrictions such as only being used at a set period of time or needing a purchase. Therefore, it is best to check before using.

Types of charger

DC charging

A CSS socket allows your car to be hooked up to DC chargers for rapid charging.

Type-2 AC charger

An alternate current (AC) charger is a universal socket commonly found at charging stations or a home wall box charger.

3-pin socket

You can charge an electric car using a domestic 3-pin plug at home.

Charging methods and speeds

Uses a DC charger to recharge cars in as little as one hour. A rapid charger is anything above 50kW.

Commonly used by charging stations, will top up a car in about 4 hours. A fast charger is between 7kW and 22kW.

A less common method that charges cars in between 6 to 41 hours, dependent on battery size. A slow charger is between 3kW and 6kW.

On the go charging information

Different electric car charging stations operators

The UK has a large number of public Electric Vehicle charging networks, some offering national coverage and others concentrating on specific regions. The major UK-wide networks today include Polar (BP pulse), Ecotricity, Ohme, Genie Point, Source London, Instavolt, Engenie, ESB, Shell Recharge and Charge Your Car. Find out more on Zap-Map.

Different electric car payment methods

Payment methods vary too, some networks offer their own charging cards, such as contactless RFID cards whilst others use payment apps or contactless bank cards. The cost depends on the power level of the station and the tariff model of the network provider.