125 years in the making

Ever since the automotive industry’s pioneering days, the Škoda brand has been turning out cutting-edge technologies and inventions. Our devotion to refining people-moving technology initially found expression in bicycles, followed by motorcycles and, ultimately, our industry-leading cars. Come with us on an exciting trip down memory lane at Škoda, taking in the company’s foundation in 1895 to the present day, and explore its rich heritage, brimming with history-making cars and intriguing moments.

We began differently

At Škoda, life began not on four wheels but on two. Our founders Václav Laurin and Václav Klement started out making bicycles in the 1890s, and went on to produce motorcycles before they eventually progressed to manufacturing automobiles in 1905. Difference, you might say, is in our very DNA.

We design differently

You can see this in the clear, sharp lines and dynamic shape of our Kodiaq SUV. Look even closer and you’ll also see a crystalline structure in the design of the headlights and the decorative trim.

Nothing is ordinary.

We think differently

We don’t reel off performance figures and specification for their own sake. We take a more human approach. We concentrate on developing innovations which make the driving experience more enjoyable in real life scenarios.

We're chosen by those motivated differently

We’ve noticed that Škoda cars are driven by a particular type of person. It’s nothing to do with age, income or any other social demographic, but attitude.

They love driving something different because they’re driven by something different.

Just like us.

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