Spark your sense of curiosity with our newest Battery Electric Vehicle, the all-new Elroq. Dressed in Modern Solid, proudly bearing Škoda lettering on its bonnet. Look into the electrifying Matrix-LED eyes, featuring a slimmer upper section that seamlessly extends into the wings. The flatter and wider "Tech-Deck" face showcases a modern yet recognisable reinterpretation of the traditional Škoda grille.

The minimalist exterior combines a robust feeling with functionality and authenticity, while conveying a sense of safety and strength. A generously sized interior welcomes you with the exceptional comfort and practicality. 

Eco-friendly, fully electric, with rear-axle electric motor for rear-wheel drive or two electric motors for all-wheel drive versions, the all-new Elroq will be your adventurous companion on all journeys as you explore the world.

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