FREE Vodafone SIM card

So you can enjoy your ride online. 

We’ve come up with this special offer of a free data SIM card from our partner Vodafone for every owner of a ŠKODA featuring Infotainment Online. Visit your local ŠKODA retailer to get yours now.

Data SIM card

A data SIM card is the easiest way to access online services in your car. The card we are offering comes loaded with free internet data for 28 days (or 1 GB), allowing you to explore and enjoy Infotainment Online services to the fullest.

Infotainment online benefits

No need to buy your own SIM card or connect to Wi-Fi hotspots when using Infotainment Online services

Infotainment Online services can be used as soon as the car is handed over

The SIM card can be used as a hotspot for your fellow passengers and yourself

The latest 4G technology ensures a faster and more secure connection to the internet

What is infotainment online?

Infotainment Online is part of the ŠKODA Connect services. It extends your navigation capabilities to include features like Online Traffic Information, Weather, News, Petrol Stations, Parking spaces and much more.

How to get started

1. Visit your ŠKODA retailer and get a free SIM card. The SIM card is available with your new car if it is equipped with ŠKODA Connect and Columbus or Amundsen navigation (Amundsen may require additional Car Stick accessory).

2. Register and activate the SIM card on the Vodafone Portal.

3. Make sure the Infotainment Online services in your car are activated.

4. You can use the internet for 28 days free of charge (or 1 GB of data, whichever is reached first).

For more information contact your local ŠKODA retailer.