The Internationelles raise awareness of gender inequality in cycling

Unable to ride the Tour de France route this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the global women’s cycling team completed the relay part of the challenge from their homes on static bikes. This was an epic challenge as the distance the riders cycled represented the total distance and elevation that the professional peloton covered over 21 stages at this year’s Tour de France.

A word from our academy mentor

"The lack of a women’s Tour de France is a symbol of the gap that exists between the opportunities for men and women in cycling. The group’s determination not to let the pandemic stand in their way, to work harder and shout louder this year is truly inspirational." - Dame Sarah Storey

How the Internationelles are aiming for gender parity

The 10 key points of inequality the riders are seeking to highlight and want to make the sport’s stakeholders address are:

1. Reduce the pay gap in pro cycling

Many female team riders still need to hold down jobs to pay their way. Minimum wage and paid maternity leave to be introduced as first measure.

2. Address the lack of sponsorship

There are many fewer women’s team, the teams are smaller, so there are far fewer opportunities.

3. Increase the number of women-only races

Both at a professional and amateur level. Every men’s pro race should have a women’s equivalent, starting with the Tour de France.

4. Introduce more longer women’s races

There appears to be a misconception about what women riders are capable of.

5. Increase media coverage

More televised races, plus coverage within cycling media.

6. Greater federation support (both domestic & international)

More women in positions of power.

7. Greater accessibility of the sport at grassroots level

Greater visibility of how to get started.

8. Eradication of sexism within the sport

Being told by teams to look pretty & body shaming.

9. Make more women-specific race and training data available

10. Redress the gender balance in bike design

e.g. bikes being sold with male saddles as standard.

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Images supplied by Attacus Cycling.