Yorkshire Ambulance Service replaces fleet with 106 Kodiaqs

13. února 2023

Škoda’s flagship Kodiaq SUV is continuining to prove its worth on the frontline, with Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust set to add 106 specially modified vehicles to its Rapid Response Vehicle (RRV) fleet.

The 106 Kodiaqs will take over from the much-loved cohort of Octavia Scouts that have been run as rapid response vehicles for six years. The Octavia Scouts clocked-up 90,000 miles of service on average, with some being used for up to 130,000 miles due to location.

Taking on emergency response duties, the Kodiaqs have been converted by Pressfab EVO Limited to carry a comprehensive range of medical equipment and supplies to support frontline operations. As well as 360-degree lighting, bespoke storage, livery, all the vehicles are equipped with emergency services’ communication equipment.

The Trust covers an area of nearly 6,000 square miles, and in 2021-22 it responded to nearly 850,000 incidents, making its rapid response vehicles a vital resource when responding to the needs of patients in an emergency.

The Kodiaq’s wide range of powertrains has given the Trust everything it requires to support day-to-day activities. With DSG gearboxes across the model range, and a mix of powerful petrol and frugal diesel engines, versatility was an important consideration in replacing the fleet of Octavia Scouts.

The Kodiaq can be converted for Ambulance, Police and Fire and Rescue teams via Škoda’s bespoke emergency service convertors. This includes full integration of the emergency services’ communications platform within the existing Škoda infotainment touchscreen and 360-degree lighting. Individual customer conversion requirements can be catered for with Škoda’s approved specialist convertors.


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