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30. listopadu 2021

Four years after its launch, the ŠKODA KAROQ gets an update: the Czech carmaker has refreshed its second SUV model range to ensure its continued success. In addition to an even more refined design language, the update brings sustainable materials, new technology and more efficient engines from the current EVO generation to the compact SUV. Surpassed only by the OCTAVIA, the KODIAQ’s smaller brother was the second most delivered ŠKODA model worldwide in 2020, as well as in the first six months of 2021.

A fresh design, improved aerodynamics and sustainable materials in the interior

ŠKODA AUTO has continued to develop its design language for the revised KAROQ, making the SUV look even more striking. The wider, now hexagonal ŠKODA grille, slimmer headlights as well as tail lights, and aerodynamically optimised alloy wheels with black plastic Aero trim create fresh visual highlights. The new wheels, rear window finlets and a new rear spoiler all improve the car’s aerodynamics while lowering its CO2 emissions.

The interior features new upholstery which, as an option, can be made from sustainable materials. New technology – such as full-LED Matrix headlights and an expanded range of assistance systems – also debuts in the range. Five efficient engines from Volkswagen Group’s EVO generation round off the KAROQ’s update. Two diesels and three petrol engines deliver power outputs ranging from 81 kW (110 PS) to 140 kW (190 PS). The 2.0 TSI producing 140 kW is reserved for the KAROQ SportLine with all wheel drive. The 2.0 TDI with an output of 110 kW is available with front- or all-wheel drive.

Launched in 2017, the KAROQ was the Czech car manufacturer’s second SUV. Offering generous amounts of space, a high level of practicality and excellent value for money, it delivers on the brand’s promise. The KAROQ is produced in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia and China, and available in 60 countries.

Exterior: striking front profile and redesigned lights

More striking, more elongated and more aerodynamic: the updated KAROQ is characterised by the refined ŠKODA SUV design language. As with other models by the Czech brand, it now sports a wider, hexagonal ŠKODA grille, which – together with the new front apron – makes the KAROQ look more rugged. The headlights are slimmer, as are the tail lights, and feature a four-light cluster design, now also available with full-LED Matrix technology. A longer rear spoiler, a front apron with air curtains, aerodynamically optimised fuel tank undertrays and new alloy wheels with a diameter of 17, 18 or 19 inches help to reduce the car’s drag by more than 9% to a coefficient (cd) of 0.30. This makes the KAROQ one of the most aerodynamic cars in its segment.


The restyled and sculptured bumper is body-coloured while the wide lower air inlet comes in a crystalline mesh-effect design. The L-shaped finishing touches on the sides accentuate the air curtains while a rugged, black-grained spoiler completes the front section. The air curtains direct the air through the sides of the front bumper as well as through the wheels, reducing air vortices and improving airflow. To reduce underbody drag, the all-wheel-drive KAROQ now comes with aerodynamically optimised fuel tank undertrays, which also cover the rear axle.

Newly arranged, slimmer headlights with full-LED Matrix technology as an option

The significantly slimmer headlights extend to the ŠKODA grille. Redesigned daytime running lights, which are now split in two, further accentuate the car’s dynamic look. For the optional top end headlights, ŠKODA is offering full-LED Matrix technology for the KAROQ for the first time. Here, two LED modules are arranged one above the other. They provide low beam and high beam, and create a distinct four-light cluster, particularly in driving mode in the dark. Even the entry-level KAROQ comes with LED modules in the upper headlight as standard, with a separate fog light in the lower housing.

New rear apron and razor-sharp LED tail lights

The redesigned rear of the ŠKODA KAROQ SportLine and SE L models is now adorned with an extended, body-coloured spoiler, which makes the vehicle look longer when viewed from the side. Together with side finlets, as seen in aircraft construction, the spoiler reduces air turbulence at the rear, improving the car’s aerodynamics and lowering its CO2 emissions. The restyled rear apron is finished in body colour below the loading sill and the robust black plastic rear diffuser bears a striking sculptured shape. The ŠKODA designers have remodelled the KAROQ’s tail lights too. They are now sharper and come with full-LED technology as standard. From the SE Drive trim level upwards, they feature dynamic indicators and an animated welcome effect. ŠKODA-typical design details include the crystalline structures and the brand’s signature C-shaped light cluster.

New Aero alloy wheels and two new colours

There is a choice of nine body colours for the updated ŠKODA KAROQ, with the two metallic paint finishes Phoenix Orange and Graphite Grey making their debut in the range. Aerodynamics are improved by three new alloys: two of which – Scutus (17 inch) and optional Sagitarius (19 inch) – feature black plastic Aero trim that reduces air turbulence. The 18-inch Miram alloy is also aerodynamically optimised. The SE L trim level comes with the Scutus design as standard, while the Miram and Sagitarius Aero wheels are optional.

Two trim levels and a SportLine variant

The new ŠKODA KAROQ is available in the SE Drive and SE L trim levels and as a SportLine variant. This model has a Black pack as standard, with gloss black roof rails and window frames. The new KAROQ is 4,390 mm long and 1,841 mm wide. The front-wheel-drive features a wheelbase of 2,638 mm while the wheelbase of the all-wheel-drive measures 2,630 mm. The boot capacity is the same as in the previous model: 521 litres with the seats in their default position and 1,630 litres when folded down. With VarioFlex seats, the boot can hold 588 litres, or 1,605 litres with the rear seats folded down, and 1,810 litres with the rear seats removed.

Interior: more sustainability and additional comfort

The interior of the updated KAROQ is even more sustainable and comfortable. The new, optional Eco pack includes seat covers made of vegan and recycled materials, while the enhanced LED ambient lighting and new decorative strips on the instrument panel and door trims create new visual highlights. As an option, the front passenger seat can now also be adjusted electrically.

With the Eco pack, ŠKODA is offering a particularly sustainable specification for the revised KAROQ: the seat covers include details that are made of vegan, leather-like materials, and the trim-specific armrests are made of Suedia (microsuede) – exclusively in Mocha Brown. The Nisha decorative trim on the doors features a soft surface, complementing the enhanced LED ambient lighting, which now illuminates the front as well as the rear door panels in one of ten colour options and the footwell in white. On request, this is also available as a stand-alone feature separate from the Eco pack. The SE Drive specification can be ordered with a ‘Unique Chrome’ trim on the instrument panel, while Piano Black trim can be found from the KAROQ SE L upwards. The door panels now bear an Anodized Cross Line (SE Drive) or a soft-touch Linear Diamonds design (SE L). In the KAROQ SportLine, the interior is characterised by door trims in a carbon look, sports seats with integrated headrests and a multifunction three-spoke sports steering wheel.

Increased comfort thanks to new functions of the seats

In addition to new decorative trims and upholstery, the revised ŠKODA KAROQ offers increased passenger comfort. From the SE L specification upwards, electric adjustment including a memory function is available for the first time as an option for the front passenger seat. The built-in memory function saves personal settings and restores them at the touch of a button. Electrically adjustable lumbar support is also an option, allowing the front seats to be adapted to suit the driver and passenger preferences. The VarioFlex system is also available on request. This allows the three rows of seats to be divided in a ratio of 40:20:40.

Powertrains: EVO engines with lower fuel consumption and emissions

The revised ŠKODA KAROQ comes with a choice of five advanced and efficient EVO-generation engines from Volkswagen Group, which deliver an output from 81 kW (110 PS) to 140 kW (190 PS). With an injection pressure of up to 350 bar, the three TSI petrol engines are particularly efficient. The nitrogen oxides (Nox) emitted by the two diesels are significantly below the standards stipulated thanks to the ‘twin dosing’ exhaust gas treatment. ŠKODA offers the 2.0 TSI engine with an output of 140 kW (190 PS) exclusively in the KAROQ SportLine in combination with 7-speed DSG and all-wheel drive. For the more powerful diesel, 4×4 and 7-speed DSG are available as options.

ŠKODA KAROQ engines at a glance:

Highly efficient EVO engines and reduced emissions

ŠKODA AUTO has integrated a number of technical measures to make the current EVO-generation engines even more efficient and reduce their emissions. For the diesels, weight-optimised crankshafts and extensive modifications to the exhaust gas routing – as well as the turbo, injection and thermo-management systems – result in lower fuel consumption. In addition, the TDIs are equipped with a further developed SCR exhaust gas treatment system and two catalytic converters. Using what is known as ‘twin dosing’, AdBlue® is injected in front of the two SCR catalytic converters that are positioned one after the other, reducing nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions to far below the required standards. As a result, the EVO-generation TSI petrol engines are more efficient than their predecessors.

An injection pressure of up to 350 bar ensures lower hydraulic losses and a reduced fuel delivery rate. In the 1.0 TSI and 1.5 TSI engines, an innovative powder-coated layer measuring just 150 μm (0.15 mm) replaces cast-iron cylinder liners. This reduces internal friction, which lowers fuel consumption and emissions. Through better distribution and dissipation of heat in the combustion chamber, it also lowers the thermal load on the engine. Equipped with Active Cylinder Technology (ACT), the 1.5 TSI automatically shuts down two cylinders when engine load is low, thereby further reducing fuel consumption.  

*preliminary data

Connectivity: digital instruments as standard and advanced infotainment

The ŠKODA KAROQ’s connectivity features are state of the art: the SUV is equipped with systems from Volkswagen Group’s third-generation modular infotainment matrix and is always online thanks to a built-in eSIM. Infotainment apps provide weather forecasts and the latest news, and include calendar management. Every KAROQ now comes with digital instruments: the 8-inch display is standard or there’s the option of a customisable 10.25-inch screen.

The Amundsen and Columbus infotainment systems are based on Volkswagen Group’s third-generation modular infotainment matrix. Thanks to a built-in eSIM, they offer digital DAB radio and are always online. The Amundsen system comes with an 8-inch screen and optionally receive web radio thanks to the permanent internet connection. The system can be operated via the touchscreen, the buttons and knurled wheels on the multifunction steering wheels, or through Laura, the digital voice assistant which, using online data, understands 15 languages. The range-topping Columbus system displays information on a 9.2-inch screen. Map and software updates are installed ‘over the air’.

Digital instrument cluster as standard

Following the model update, the ŠKODA KAROQ is equipped with a digital instrument cluster as standard. The 8-inch display replaces the previous analogue instruments. From the SE Drive trim level upwards, the digital instrument cluster (or ‘Virtual Cockpit’ as it is also referred to) is available with a 10.25-inch display. This offers five basic layouts and can be configured individually.

Mobile ŠKODA Connect online services and infotainment apps

The KAROQ provides access to a wide range of ŠKODA Connect mobile online services. The infotainment online services, for example, enable remote access to the vehicle via the MyŠKODA app. This allows the driver to lock and unlock their KAROQ via a smartphone, display the car’s location on a map or activate the Honk & Flash function to make it easier to find the vehicle in a large car park. The online features in the new KAROQ also include infotainment apps that display news and weather, and can connect a personal Google calendar to the vehicle. Smartphones can be paired with the car using Wireless SmartLink technology, Android Auto or Apple CarPlay and can also be inductively charged when placed in the optional Phone Box.

Safety: up to nine airbags and various assistance systems

Improved assistance and safety systems as well as up to nine airbags ensure the best possible protection for all occupants in the ŠKODA KAROQ. Travel Assist incorporates five to eight assistance systems, including Predictive Cruise Control, Adaptive Lane Assist and an improved version of Traffic Sign Recognition. The optional Crew Protect Assist system reacts to impending collisions to prevent an accident or minimise the severity of its consequences.

The KAROQ’s occupants are protected by up to nine airbags. Driver and front passenger airbags are fitted as standard in the EU, as are front side airbags, curtain airbags and a knee airbag for the driver. Side airbags in the second row of seats are optional together with Crew Protect Assist. If the vehicle sensors – now also at the rear – detect an imminent collision or register sudden braking, the system automatically closes any open windows and, if necessary, the panoramic roof, and activates the hazard lights and pre-tensions the front seat belts. Following a collision, the Multi-Collision Brake prevents the vehicle from rolling any further in an uncontrolled manner.

Increased safety and improved comfort thanks to various assistance systems

In the EU, the standard equipment includes Front Assist with Predictive Pedestrian Protection and City Emergency Brake. The optional Travel Assist comprises several assistance systems, some of which are also available separately. There is a choice of two Travel Assist variants, both of which include Predictive Cruise Control, which uses images from the camera on the windscreen as well as data from the navigation system and, if desired, reacts in good time to speed limits or corners. In combination with a DSG, the cruise control’s Stop & Go function can automatically bring the vehicle to a standstill and have it pull away again automatically within up to three seconds.

Travel Assist also includes a more accurate version of Traffic Sign Recognition (thanks to an improved camera), Adaptive Lane Assist (now able to identify road works and all road markings), Traffic Jam Assist and Emergency Assist. The enhanced version of Travel Assist also has Park Assist and Side Assist with Rear Traffic Alert. Side Assist warns the driver of vehicles approaching from behind up to 70 m away. Using Hands-on Detect, this system also checks whether the driver is touching the steering wheel every 15 seconds or if they no longer have control due to a potential medical emergency. In this case, Emergency Assist activates the hazard lights and brings the car to a stop in its current lane. Parking is made more convenient by the integrated Manoeuvre Assist – which detects obstacles in front of and behind the vehicle, and brakes automatically, if necessary – the 360 degree image of the optional Area View system, as well as the optional Trailer Assist. 

The ŠKODA KAROQ SportLine: dynamic top-of-the-range model

The KAROQ SportLine is the range-topping model of the successful ŠKODA SUV. Apart from the 1.0 TSI, it is available with any of the engines in the range, while the most powerful engine is exclusively reserved for this KAROQ variant. The 2.0 TSI petrol engine delivers 140 kW (190 PS), which is transferred to all four wheels via a 7-speed DSG as standard. Visually, the KAROQ SportLine can be identified by numerous black design features, and the interior is also dominated by black sports styling.

The range-topping model of the updated KAROQ can immediately be recognised by the SportLine-typical black design features. These include the gloss black ŠKODA grille, which provides a stunning contrast to the body-coloured front apron. The Black pack, sporting gloss black window frames and roof rails, is part of the standard equipment. Additional black design details include the rear diffuser on the body-coloured rear apron, the wing mirror caps and the 18 inch Procyon alloy wheels, which feature an Aero trim, as do the optional 19-inch Sagitarius alloys. The rear side windows and the rear window are tinted (SunSet), and the front wings are adorned with a SportLine badge. The standard equipment of the KAROQ SportLine also includes full LED Matrix headlights.

Black ThermoFlux seat covers

The interior is characterised by black sports styling, with Piano Black decorative strips on the instrument panel and a carbon-fibre-effect decor on the doors. The roof lining is also black, as are the breathable ThermoFlux covers of the sports seats with integrated headrests. The leather gearstick features silver contrasting stitching. The three-spoke multifunction sports steering wheel is adorned with a SportLine badge and the front door sill trims bear KAROQ lettering. The LED ambient lighting is a standard feature in the sporty range-topping model and now also illuminates the rear door panels in one of the ten colour options.

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