Faster Charging and even more range in Enyaq 85

7. prosince 2023

Škoda Auto is comprehensively updating its Enyaq family for the 2024 model year. For the first time ever, the Czech car maker’s popular battery-electric model is also available with the Laurin & Klement trim line, which boasts lavish standard equipment. The technical upgrades bring even more powerful drivetrains, shorter charging times and an increased range. In addition, the new vehicle software features a new, more intuitive user interface.

More power, longer range and visual details in line with the new Corporate Identity

In the 2024 model year, the new, more efficient and more powerful 85 Edition and 85x SportLine Plus model variants replace the previous 80 and 80x versions. Like the sporty vRS models, they feature a new, more potent drivetrain with an advanced permanent synchronous motor on the rear axle, capable of a top speed of 111 mph (180 km/h). For the Enyaq 85 Edition, output increases by 82 PS (60 kW) to 286 PS (210 kW) compared to the previous Enyaq 80. The all-wheel drive Enyaq 85x SportLine Plus also delivers 286 PS (210 kW), making it 21 PS (15 kW) more powerful than its predecessor. The Enyaq vRS now comes with an output of 340 PS (250 kW), an increase of 41 PS (30 kW). An optimised battery with even more advanced thermal management increases the range to over 348 miles (560 kilometres) for the Enyaq 85 Edition SUV and more than 353 miles (570 kilometres) for the Coupé 85 Edition.

The entry level Enyaq 60 has remained technically unchanged. The lettering on the tailgate of the 2024 Enyaq models as well as all logos are in conformity with the new Škoda CI, and the addition “iV” has been dropped from the model name.

Increased charging rate and faster charging times for all-wheel drive versions

The all-wheel-drive versions Enyaq 85x SportLine Plus and Enyaq vRS now offer even better charging performance with an increased DC charging rate at fast-charging stations of up to 175 kW. Charging the 82 kWh (77 kWh net) high-voltage battery from 10 to 80 percent now takes just 28 minutes – eight minutes or 22 percent less than before. The Enyaq 85 Edition variants with rear-wheel drive continue to charge at a maximum rate of 135 kW.

New vehicle software for added functionality

With the new vehicle software the Enyaq family now supports battery pre-conditioning. This preheats the battery in preparation for DC charging in low ambient temperatures and optimises charging speed by up to 22 percent. Furthermore, the new interface has a more intuitive menu structure. It enables drivers to define shortcuts for the most frequently used vehicle settings and apps. The navigation system now features new map graphics and a larger map area. Other new features of the vehicle software include a Walkaway function for the KESSY keyless entry system. This automatically locks the vehicle when the driver walks away from the car with the key.

Enyaq L&K with lavish standard equipment

The elegant Enyaq L&K completes the range. This popular trim line comes with an extensive selection of standard equipment. It includes LED Matrix beam headlights and LED rear lights with animated indicators as well as a chrome grille featuring a Crystal Face illuminated by 131 LEDs. Furthermore, the Enyaq L&K comes with exclusive 20" or 21" L&K alloy wheels. The bumpers, diffuser and exterior mirrors feature detailing finished in sophisticated Platinum Grey, while the side skirts are body-coloured. In the interior, the Enyaq L&K boasts electrically controlled, heated and ventilated front seats offering memory and massage functions, with the L&K logo embroidered on the headrests.

* The maximum power is determined in accordance with UN-GTR.21. The maximum power is available when the high-voltage battery is at its highest possible state of charge (SoC) and operating within its optimal temperature range. The power available varies according to the driving scenario and is influenced by factors including the battery’s temperature, its SoC, and the physical ageing of the high-voltage battery.