New ŠKODA Traffication Infotainment App

18. března 2021

ŠKODA is the first car manufacturer to launch an app that alerts drivers if they have inadvertently driven the wrong way down a road.

Milton Keynes, 18 March 2021 - The new Traffication app, developed in collaboration with Bosch, provides early alerts and vital information on traffic issues and hazards. A standout feature of the software is a warning issued when a driver attempts to enter a motorway slip road in the wrong direction, an action which would result in them driving against the flow of traffic. 

While the situation may seem an unlikely one, 26% of drivers surveyed by ŠKODA admitted to having driven a road in the wrong direction at least once, with 15% of drivers owning up to repeating the error multiple times. 41% of respondents said that they knew someone who had mistakenly done so, while 65% had witnessed another driver doing it.

Instances of wrong-way driving were recorded across a wide variety of the UK’s roads. Almost one fifth of motorists experienced the threat on a dual-carriageway with 11% of drivers doing so on motorways. While a majority of respondents said they had experienced wrong-way driving in an urban or residential setting, the consequences of failing to realise such an error on higher-speed roads can result in far more severe consequences.

As well as alerting owners to their own potential mistakes, the new application can also immediately draw their attention to dangers which are already developing ahead. When the Traffication app is in use, the vehicle’s infotainment display notifies the driver when they are set to encounter a traffic hazard on an upcoming stretch of road. An early warning is displayed when the system detects stationary vehicles with their hazard warning lights flashing – for example after a breakdown – on the road ahead, helping drivers to better prepare to safely pass the stranded vehicle.

The new app also complements the infotainment system’s navigation function. By displaying information on traffic conditions, it enhances safety without becoming a source of distraction for drivers. The app always runs in the background; there is no need to enter a desired destination in order to receive hazard warnings.

It is available for vehicles equipped with the top infotainment systems based on the third-generation Modular Infotainment Matrix. The app is compatible with the Columbus system in the SUPERB, KAROQ and KODIAQ and the Amundsen system in the SCALA and KAMIQ. The app will be made available to other models later this year.

Installing the app is straightforward and can be done from within the vehicle, via the Shop.

Additional plans for the development of the Traffication Infotainment App are already underway, with wrong-way driving alerts to be shared with other ŠKODA vehicles in the surrounding area. Further upgrades scheduled include displaying messages about weather and road conditions as well as the option of having the system read notifications out loud. In addition, drivers will then be able to report hazards themselves to keep other road users informed and up-to-date.

ŠKODA’s study of wrong-way driving was made up of 2,000 drivers nationwide

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