16. prosince 2020

No matter where you roam, stay always connected.

ŠKODA Connect online services to live every day to the full

Are you owner of ŠKODA vehicle and not familiar with benefits of the ŠKODA Connect world yet? Would you like to have information about current traffic situation during drive or to be able remotely control your vehicle? Then, the ŠKODA Connect is the right solution for you!

With the ŠKODA Connect online services, you will never be cut off from the outside world. Wherever you are, you will remain at the heart of the action, always keep in touch with your nearest and have the assurance that help is at hand to overcome any difficulties.

You can easily get always up-to-date traffic information so you can save your time and avoid stressful staying in traffic jams or control vehicle just using your voice thanks to Infotainment Online service package.

Care Connect service package will help you deal with malfunctions or any other issues related to the condition of your vehicle and provides new way how to control your car by interconnecting the vehicle with a smartphone by MyŠKODA application.

ŠKODA Connect services

Infotainment Online

• Planning routes from the comfort of your home and remotely sending them directly to your vehicle’s navigation

• Online information about traffic and parking spaces

• Online Map updates

and much more...

Care Connect

• Displaying your vehicle’s fuel level and travel range on your smartphone

• The ability to check remotely via smartphone that you have locked your vehicle and closed all windows

• Locating the vehicle in large parking areas using the locator and Honk and Flash function

• Auxiliary Heating/Cooling of your car from anywhere

and much more...

Check the availability of ŠKODA Connect services for your vehicle using the VIN.

Activation of ŠKODA Connect services

In order to start using the ŠKODA Connect services, you need to activate your vehicle via portal or app.