Ninth Škoda Student Car project launched

28. února 2023

The Škoda Academy’s traditional Student Car project is back: This year marks the ninth time Škoda vocational students in Mladá Boleslav are designing and building their dream car. Since 2014, these spectacular one-off vehicles have demonstrated the high level of training at the Škoda Vocational School.

29 vocational students at the Škoda Academy have already started working on their Student Car. Since the 2013/14 academic year, apprentices have created their very own dream car with the expert guidance of their instructors – from a blank page to the finished one-of-a-kind vehicle. Throughout the project, they receive support from many Škoda Auto departments, including Škoda Design and Technical Development. Details on the ninth Student Car, such as the vehicle it is based on, the name and the type of conversion will be revealed within the next few months.

Early Student Car forerunners in 1975

So far, students from the Škoda Vocational School have designed and built eight Škoda Student Cars under the supervision of their instructors. The eighth Student Car, the Škoda Afriq, was supported by Škoda Motorsport for the first time. Early forerunners of the innovative project – the only one of its kind in the Czech Republic – were four units of the Škoda Buggy Type 736, hand-built in 1975 by Škoda vocational students for the emerging autocross scene in former Czechoslovakia.


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