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Latest information and answers to the frequently asked questions from ŠKODA UK.


1) I would like to order a new ŠKODA. How long should my order take to be built and delivered?

If we are building your new car to order, then the exact lead time will vary depending on what model and specification you have ordered, as well as any optional extras you have chosen. We publish regular updates to our retailer network so they can give you the best possible indication when you place your order and keep you up to date with progress of the build and deliver. If you are flexible with your specification, colour and optional extras then ask your retailer what stock is available – you could take delivery of a new ŠKODA sooner than you think.

2) How do I order a new vehicle?

We do not currently sell cars online however you can use the Car Configurator to build your perfect ŠKODA. Once you have selected the specification and extras you require you can then take this into your local retailer who will be happy to check availability of your configured vehicle and process the order.

3) I want to import a ŠKODA. Will my car still be covered by the ŠKODA warranty?

Vehicles purchased prior to 1st November 2001 will be provided with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty. Vehicles purchased and registered after this date will be provided with a 2-year, unlimited mileage manufacturer warranty, to which terms and conditions apply. Vehicles bought from a UK retailer will receive a 3rd year warranty with a 60,000 mile limit.

4) Where can I obtain details of maximum towing weights?

Full details for towing weights for any of our current models can be found in the Pricing and Specification PDF download. For previous ŠKODA models, please refer to the relevant Owners Manual in the Technical Data section

5) Does ŠKODA offer any roadside assistance?

All ŠKODAs supplied by ŠKODA UK and purchased from a member of the ŠKODA retailer network are provided with 3-year, unlimited mileage Roadside Assistance policy. This includes European cover and ŠKODA Assistance will even help you if you put the wrong fuel in your car, if you get a puncture or if you lock your keys in your car. For contact information and further details on the policy please refer to the ‘Breakdown Cover’ area in the Owners section.

6) How do I convert tyre pressure figures?

Tyre pressure figures are quoted in 3 ways: KpA, BAR and PSI. The most commonly used in the UK are BAR and PSI.

To convert BAR to PSI multiply by 14.5―e.g. 2.0BAR * 14.5 = 29PSI.

To convert KpA to BAR divide by 100―e.g. 200KpA / 100 = 2.0 BAR

To convert KpA to PSI multiply by 0.145―e.g. 200Kpa * 0.145 = 29PSI

7) I already have a finance agreement with ŠKODA, who should I contact with any questions?

Contact either your local retailer or ŠKODA Financial Services directly on 0870 333 4449.

8) I live outside of the United Kingdom and purchased my car from my local retailer. Who do I contact with repair and maintenance queries?

We recommend you contact the ŠKODA importer in your country of residence. Please email info@Š to request the contact details of the relevant importer. Please write your email in English or Czech if possible.

9) What is included under the ŠKODA warranty?

The warranty provides cover in the event of a material or manufacturing defect. Repairs required as a result of wear and tear, or incorrect/inadequate servicing are not covered. To find out more information on the ŠKODA warranty, contact your local retailer.

10) Where can I find ŠKODA accessories and merchandise?

For more detailed information on accessories and merchandise, or to discuss fitting, please contact your local retailer .

11) Where can I find parts for my ŠKODA?

Your local retailer has access to the full parts listings and will be able to source a required part for you.

12) Can I go to a non ŠKODA retailer for servicing?

You are of course free to choose where you have your vehicle serviced. However, we would always recommend that a ŠKODA Retailer is used as they receive full training in the servicing of ŠKODA vehicles and are kept up-to-date with technical information. Having a service completed at a non-franchised retailer will not in itself invalidate the warranty. However, should any difficulty arise that is deemed to be as a direct result of incorrect/incomplete servicing, any remedial work required would not be covered under your new vehicle warranty.

13) Can ŠKODA supply me with a courtesy vehicle while my car is being serviced?

All ŠKODA retailers operate courtesy cars, however, they are subject to availability and prior appointment. To find out about availability, contact your local retailer.

14) I am interested in a career with ŠKODA, how do I go about it?

ŠKODA, as part of the Volkswagen Group, regularly announces new career opportunities throughout the company. We have been listed 3 times in the Sunday Times Best 100 Employers. For further information please see the careers page. Or alternatively please send any speculative applications to

15) I am interested in working in a ŠKODA retailer, how do I apply for a job?

Our retailer network are independent franchises, therefore any applications must be made directly to your local retailer .

MirrorLink FAQs

1) How do I pair my phone with my car?

Your Smartphone, or iPhone, must be connected to the infotainment system via a USB cable. Once connected, select SmartLink on the infotainment system menu and it will instantly mirror your phones display, including all compatible apps, on the internal screen.

2) How do I find out if my phone is compatible with MirrorLink?

You can find a list of compatible phones on the MirrorLink website.

3) Are iPhones compatible with MirrorLink?

Unfortunately not, iPhones are only compatible with SmartLink. SmartLink includes within it MirrorLink, Apple CarPlay (compatible with iPhones 5, 5c, 5s, 6 and 6 Plus) and Android Auto.

4) Will the car I ordered come with SmartLink?

SmartLink has only become available on selected models since 25 May 2015 (the new production year), so if you ordered your new ŠKODA before this date, it will not come with SmartLink. Please check with your local ŠKODA retailer if you’re unsure when you ordered your new ŠKODA.

5) If my car was built prior to the 25 May 2015, am I able to upgrade my MirrorLink system to SmartLink?

Unfortunately it is not possible to upgrade the MirrorLink system on existing cars to incorporate SmartLink.

6) I’ve noticed that the sat nav app (Sygic) is running really slowly and at times stops working altogether. Is there anyway to resolve this?

If you are using the app online it could be that your phones signal is dropping out, therefore the app would stop working. By using the app offline this should mean that the maps continue to work irrespective of whether you have a signal or not.


7) What apps are compatible with Apple CarPlay?

To see a list of compatible apps* on Apple CarPlay please click here.

8) What apps are compatible with Android Auto?

*Please note–not all these apps will work whilst driving. If you are in need of further assistance please contact our Customer Service Centre on 03330 037 504.

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