• Citigo
      • Citigo 3 Door
        Citigo 3 Door from  8,495
        Citigo 3 door
        • ​Our smart city car​​​​​​​​​
        • Big on quality and value for money
        • A generous, flexible interior space
        • boot space251l /951l
        • up to68.9mpg
        • from95g/km
      • Citigo 3 Door Monte Carlo
        Citigo 3 Door Monte Carlo from  10,940
        Citigo 3 Door Monte Carlo
        • ​​​​​​​15-inch Auriga black alloy​ wheels​
        • Lowered suspension
        • ​Front and rear spoiler​​​​​​
        • boot space251l /951l
        • up to62.8mpg
        • from105g/km
      • Citigo 5 Door
        Citigo 5 Door from  8,845
        Citigo 5 door
        • Our smart city car​​
        • Big on quality and value for money
        • A generous, flexible interior space
        • boot space251l /959l
        • up to68.9mpg
        • from95g/km
      • Citigo 5 Door Monte Carlo
        Citigo 5 Door Monte Carlo from  11,290
        Citigo 5 Door Monte Carlo
        • ​​​​​​15-inch Auriga black alloy wheels​​​​​​​​​
        • Lowered suspension​​
        • ​​Front and rear spoile​r​​
        • boot space251l /959l
        • up to62.8mpg
        • from105g/km
  • Fabia
      • Fabia Hatch
        Fabia Hatch from  11,155
        Fabia Hatch
        • ​​​The next step in ŠKODA’s design language
        • ​​Outstanding interior space
        • ​​​Become the designer with our Colour Concept
        • boot space330l /1150l
        • up to78.6mpg
        • from88g/km
      • Fabia Estate
        Fabia Estate from  13,035
        Fabia Estate
        • ​​The next step in ŠKODA's design language​
        • Available with a host of ‘Simply Clever’ solutions
        • ​Up to 1,395 litres of boot space​​​
        • boot space530l /1395l
        • up to83.1mpg
        • from88g/km
      • Fabia Monte Carlo
        Fabia Monte Carlo from  15,830
        Fabia Monte Carlo
        • ​​​​​​​16" Italia black alloy wheels

        • ​LED daytime running lights
        • ​Pan​oramic glass roof
        • boot space330l /1150l
        • up to78.6mpg
        • from93g/km
  • Rapid
      • Rapid
        Rapid from  16,970
        • ​Our new family car​​​​​​​
        • Hatchback body style with fantastic interior space
        • Up to 1490 litres of boot space
        • boot space550l /1490l
        • up to78.5mpg
        • from94g/km
  • Rapid Spaceback
      • Rapid Spaceback
        Rapid Spaceback from  14,110
        Rapid Spaceback
        • Dynamic and fresh design​
        • Spacious passenger leg room and boot
        • ​​Up to 1,380 litres of boot space
        • boot space415l /1380l
        • up to78.5mpg
        • from94g/km
  • Octavia
      • Octavia Hatch
        Octavia Hatch from  17,085
        Octavia Hatch
        • ​​​​​​​The third-gen Octavia​​​​​​
        • Wide range of 'Simply Clever' solutions
        • Innovative safety, comfort and driver assistant systems
        • boot space590l /1580l
        • up to80.7mpg
        • from90g/km
      • Octavia Estate
        Octavia Estate from  18,310
        Octavia Estate
        • ​Up to a cavernous 1750 litres of luggage space
        • Innovative safety, comfort and driver assistant systems
        • Wide range of 'Simply Clever' solutions
        • boot space610l /1740l
        • up to80.7mpg
        • from90g/km
      • Octavia Scout
        Octavia Scout from  26,130
        Octavia Scout
        • ​​​​​​​R​ough road package​
        • ​Rain sensor
        • Amundsen touchscreen satellite navigation​
        • boot space610l /1740l
        • up to58.9mpg
        • from125g/km
      • Octavia SE Sport
        Octavia SE Sport from  20,415
        Octavia SE Sport
        • ​​​​​Up to an impressive 1,580 litres of luggage space
        • A fresh and powerful design
        • ‘Simply Clever’ features designed with the customers in mind​​
      • Octavia vRS Hatch
        Octavia vRS Hatch from  24,885
        Octavia vRS Hatch
        • ​​​​​​New more powerful Octavia vRS
        • Innovative technology and aggressive styling
        • All new TSI and TDI engines​
        • boot space590l /1580l
        • up to64.2mpg
        • from115g/km
      • Octavia vRS Estate
        Octavia vRS Estate from  26,110
        Octavia vRS Estate
        • ​​​​New more powerful Octavia vRS
        • Innovative technology and aggressive styling
        • All new TSI and TDI engines​
        • boot space610l /1740l
        • up to62.8mpg
        • from117g/km
  • New Octavia
      • New Octavia Hatch
        New Octavia Hatch from  17,055
        New Octavia Hatch
        • ​​​​​​​All-new bold exterior design
        • Now available with enhanced driver assistance systems
        • ​Its spacious, premium interior makes it perfect for families
      • New Octavia Estate
        New Octavia Estate from  18,225
        New Octavia Estate
        • ​​​​​​The hugely spacious Octavia Estate has never felt more agile​
        • Filled with the latest technology and connectivity
        • ​Available with enhanced driver assistance systems
      • New Octavia Scout
        New Octavia Scout from  26,525
        New Octavia Scout
        • ​​​​​​​​Features a rugged new design
        • ​​Offers practicality and uncompromising performance
        • ​​Available with the latest technology and connectivity​
      • New Octavia vRS Hatch
        New Octavia vRS Hatch from  25,130
        New Octavia vRS Hatch
        • ​​​​​​​​Showcases a dynamic new design
        • ​​The perfect combination of space, pace and power
        • ​​Available with enhanced driver assistance systems​
      • New Octavia vRS Estate
        New Octavia vRS Estate from  26,330
        New Octavia vRS Estate
        • ​​​​​​Showcases a dynamic new design
        • ​​The perfect combination of space, pace and power
        • ​​Available with the latest technology and connectivity​
  • Superb
      • Superb Hatch
        Superb Hatch from  19,785
        Superb Hatch
        • Style and space redefined
        • Our flagship family executive
        • ​​Auto Express 'Best Famil​​y Car' 2015​
        • boot space625l /1760l
        • up to70.6mpg
        • from105g/km
      • Superb Estate
        Superb Estate from  21,065
        Superb Estate
        • ​ The most spacious and co mfortable ŠKODA yet

        • Our flagship family executive
        • Auto Express 'Best Family Car' 2015
        • boot space660l /1950l
        • up to70.6mpg
        • from105g/km
  • Yeti
  • Kodiaq
      • Kodiaq
        Kodiaq from  21,495
        • Our first car to offer seven seats
        • Design, space, functionality and connectivity​​ combined
        • Best large SUV - WhatCar? Car of the Year 2017 awards​

Meet our 4x4 models

Although four-wheel drive is often thought as solely the domain of SUVs, with ŠKODA, it’s not only our Yeti Outdoor model which has off-road abilities. The Octavia is also capable of handling all sorts of adverse weather conditions, as well as being a great, dependable car to drive throughout the year.


Why buy a 4x4?

You’ll feel the benefits all year round with a 4x4. If you are looking for a mix of power, space and security, then a large, comfortable car is for you. But as well as this, there’s the element of fun in owning a 4x4. Make the most of its potential, off road, up hills, through rivers, in all weather conditions – these are vehicles that push the limits of road driving.

A car with four-wheel drive can handle and withstand the worst of the winter weather – rain, snow and ice.

Why buy a 4x4 from ŠKODA?

Off-road, on-road, perfect for urban driving or country life – there’s lots to like in our 4x4 line up. Need a car which is great to drive, spacious, cost-effective with 4x4 capabilities? Choose Octavia. Want a reliable, award winning SUV? Go for Yeti Outdoor.

Whether you want the year round benefits of owning a 4x4, or simply want peace of mind that you’ll be able to get to work, or be able drop the kids off safely at school when the bad weather hits, ŠKODA’s 4x4 range is the perfect choice for both the winter period and beyond.

  • Yeti Outdoor


    Our functional explorer, elegantly designed, with uncompromising functionality, ‘Varioflex’ rear seating, sizable boot space and higher ride height – Yeti Outdoor is perfect for life in the town, the country, and the city.

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  • Octavia


    Our 3rd generation Octavia is more luxurious than its predecessors, full of clever technology and with an exceptional amount of space – to provide the most dynamic and comfortable driving experience yet.

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Yeti Outdoor 4x4

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For those needing a sturdy and versatile car that can handle outdoor living with ease, the Yeti Outdoor is for you. With the latest 4x4 systems and some very clever technology, the Yeti Outdoor can handle most off road situations, slippery roads or rough ground.


4x4 system

The latest generation 4x4 system helps you maintain control and stability at all times. The system senses what is happening on each wheel and quickly transfers power or automatically applies brakes when needed to give more grip or drive to keep you on your chosen path.

Rough road package

The optional rough road package available on the Yeti Outdoor comprises:

  • A thermoplastic cover for the engine and transmission
  • A plastic cover for the fuel and brake lines
  • Reinforced brake fluid distribution system and handbrake cable.

The vehicle’s ground clearance isn’t affected by the installation of this package and remains at 180mm.


Off-road button

By pushing the off road button, the Yeti Outdoor helps maintain control when the driving conditions get tough. It will maintain a constant speed downhill on a steep slope (over 8%), maintain traction going uphill and stop over revving of the engine, hold the car still on a hill start and help prevent the wheels from spinning on loose surfaces or wet, slippery roads.


The off-road button has a set of intelligent functions to aid driving on difficult, slippery surfaces, further increasing the safety of driver and passengers. The system is enabled when the button is pressed and illuminates. The driver does not need any previous off-road experience to feel the benefits of this easy to use system:

  • Uphill start assist

    • Used to assist in pulling away on wet, slippery or snowy road surfaces
    • Allows the accelerator to be fully pressed but with the RPM restricted to 2,500
    • Helps prevent damage to the clutch and the engine.
    • Allows the driver to maintain control.
  • ABS off-road

    • Improves braking effect of the car
    • Longer braking creates a ‘chock’ of surface material, enhancing vehicle control
    • Only active up to 30mph
  • EDS off-road

    • Maintains permanent traction of the car
    • Can work diagonally across axles and brakes the slipping wheel(s)
    • Helps maintain driver control and vehicle stability.
  • Downhill assist

    • Helps to maintain a stable speed during the descent down slippery, wet or snowy road surfaces
    • Engine is running, but is engaged in either neutral, first, second, third or reverse gear
    • ESC brakes the wheels individually, preventing locking
    • In neutral the driver does not have to press accelerator or brake pedal
    • Allows the driver to concentrate fully on steering the car
  • ASR off-road

    • Improves acceleration on slippery surfaces
    • ASR is set to manage a higher slippage on the driving wheels
    • Helps maintain driver control and vehicle stability

Ready to try a Yeti Outdoor?

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Octavia 4x4

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For those needing a great all round family car with 4x4 capabilities, the ŠKODA Octavia Estate is for you. It offers unrivalled space, functionality, innovative safety and comfort systems at exceptional value for money.


Intelligent All-Wheel Drive

With its intelligent four-wheel drive system, the Octavia Estate gives you great stability, safety and traction in all sorts of driving conditions. The drivetrain with a 5th generation electro-hydraulic clutch reacts to just the slightest change under your wheels. In normal conditions, the car is like a regular two-wheel drive car. Let there be snow, rain, mud, and ice and the Octavia Estate’s 4x4 ability kicks in automatically.


The Octavia Estate gives most of its power to the front wheels under normal conditions, and on slippery roads intelligently redistributes torque from wheel to wheel within milliseconds. The Octavia Estate’s drivetrain enables you to handle situations even when there is no grip under the front wheels – with up to 90% of torque flowing to the rear. So even when driving conditions get extremely tricky, you can still stay calm, and rely on the Octavia Estate.


4x4 operation (ESC, ABS, ASR)

The Octavia Estate 4x4 comes with an electronic stability system (ESC), which is fully compatible with the four-wheel drive system, meaning you’ll find it easier to navigate those tricky roads in all sorts of weather conditions. ESC acts as an umbrella for various other functions, such as ABS (Anti-Block System) and ASR (Anti-Slip Regulation).


Rough Road Package

The Rough Road Package available on Octavia Estate 4x4 models gives you protection from mechanical damage (e.g. contact with road imperfections or flying debris) and prevents dirt (dust, sand, mud) from getting into the engine bay or into cables. It also significantly enhances the ability to cope with the terrain, thanks to the bespoke springs and shock absorbers – so you can discover your 4x4’s full potential with ultimate peace of mind.