Exclusions and limitations

Extended warranty - Exclusions and limitations*

Wear and tear components will only be considered under the terms of the warranty for a period of six months or 6,500 miles (whichever is sooner). These include, but are not limited to brake linings and disc pads, clutch release bearings, clutch pressure plates and centre plates, tyres, wiper blades, seat and backrest covers, floor coverings, spark plugs, batteries for key fobs and alarms, light bulbs and shock absorbers.
Mechanical adjustments including but not limited to adjustments to doors, flaps, boot lids, bonnets and sunroof, brake adjustment, clutch adjustment, v belt adjustment, ignition adjustment, headlight adjustment, steering geometry adjustments and wheel balancing. 
Damage including but not limited to:
  • Damage caused by your failure to take all reasonable steps to prevent mechanical damage from occurring.
  • Damage or defects caused by not having the vehicle serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • Damage or defects caused by improper use of the vehicle, neglect or use of the vehicle for motor sports activities.
  • Damage caused by an accident.
  • Damage to paintwork or chrome caused by external influences, such as climatic, chemical or industrial pollution.
  • Damage resulting from the use of non-original replacement parts.
Routine maintenance and servicing is not covered by the warranty. Incidental or consequential costs such as hotel charges, car hire, loss of personal effects or income are not recoverable under the terms of the warranty.

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