Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

I would like to order a new ŠKODA. How long should my order take to be built and delivered?

Do you offer finance on used vehicles?

How do I arrange a test drive?

How do I find a used vehicle?

How do I find out which models are available on the motability scheme and also how to locate my nearest motability dealer?

How do I order a new vehicle?

How do I request a brochure?

I want to import a ŠKODA. Will my car still be covered by the ŠKODA warranty?

Where can I obtain details of maximum towing weights?

Who do I contact for further information on a used vehicle advertised on the site?

Do ŠKODA recommend LPG conversions?

Does ŠKODA offer any roadside assistance?

How do I convert tyre pressure figures?

I already have a finance agreement with ŠKODA, who should I contact with any questions?

I live outside of the United Kingdom and purchased my car from my local retailer. Who do I contact with repair and maintenance queries?

I need a new English vehicle owners manual, where can I order one from?

What is included under the ŠKODA warranty?

Where can I find accessories for my ŠKODA?

Where can I find parts for my ŠKODA?

Can I go to a non ŠKODA retailer for servicing?

Can ŠKODA supply me with a courtesy vehicle while my car is being serviced?

How frequently should I get my car serviced?

I am interested in a career with ŠKODA, how do I go about it?

I am interested in working in a ŠKODA retailer, how do I apply for a job?

Where can I find more information about ŠKODA?

Where can I order ŠKODA merchandise?