ŠKODA dials into the future with new Virtual Cockpit option

ŠKODA dials into the future with new Virtual Cockpit option

10. 10. 2018

ŠKODA is introducing a new, fully programmable digital instrument panel to its KAROQ, OCTAVIA, SUPERB and KODIAQ ranges - giving the customers the option to replace traditional analogue dials and gauges with a high-definition electronic display for the first time.

Milton Keynes 08 October 2018: The Virtual Cockpit advanced display technology has, until now, been reserved for luxury models, and the introduction of the system is further proof of ŠKODA’s passion for offering high-end features to all car buyers. The Virtual Cockpit will initially be offered as an option on KAROQ, OCTAVIA and SUPERB models, with the KODIAQ set to follow later this year.

In simple terms, Virtual Cockpit is an advanced digital display that takes the place of traditional dials, gauges and sub-screens. At the heart of the system is a super sharp TFT display that has been specifically designed for for 3D impression graphics and exceptional clarity. The graphics processor - a quadcore Nvidia Tegra 30 chip enables the content to be displayed quickly and vibrantly, improving the way drivers interact with both their car and the road.

Thanks to the digital display, drivers can customise the layout of the screen to suit their tastes and journey requirements. In total, five different basic layouts are available, all of which can be individually programmed to fine-tune their appearance.

The classic layout presents both the tachometer and the speedometer as round instruments to the right and left of the display. The area between can be configured – for example with a display of the current entertainment programme or navigation map, which also has a zoom function.

The extended layout has a main display covering the entire width of the panel – for example with the current entertainment program or navigation map. Above and below, there is still space for small digital displays, for instance, for the current speed, gear recommendation, traffic sign recognition, distance remaining, distance to the next turn on the programmed route or the distance remaining to the destination.

The modern layout has a large display in the centre, which can display the navigation map, among other things. Additional information can be placed to the left, right, and above the map. The driver may choose to display the current speed, a navigation display with pictograms, gear selection, traffic sign detection (e.g. speed limits, driving times).

The basic layout shows two large displays – such as the current speed and the distance remaining. Additional basic information can be displayed at the top and bottom of the display. If the route guidance is activated, the navigation arrow will be displayed in the centre.

The sports layout shows a single, centralised, large dial containing the speedometer and rev counter, with space for additional customisable information to be placed at either side of the dial.

Virtual Cockpit is available to order as an option now, and can be specified on OCTAVIA and SUPERB models from SE variants upwards at a cost of £450 including VAT). For ŠKODA’s SUV range, the technology is available on KAROQ from SE L upwards for £450 including VAT, and KODIAQ* from SE L upwards. The system is priced at £450 including VAT for SportLine, Edition and L&K variants, and £550 including when specified on SE L and Scout models.

Virtual Cockpit will be available to order on KODIAQ models later this year.

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