ŠKODA officially partners with the race for women's pro-cycling

The Tour de France, which took place from 5th-27th July 2019, is the oldest and most respected cycling race in the world. However, it does not currently feature a female equivalent.

The desire for equality drove 23 female cyclists to take on all 21 stages, a total of 3,460 kilometres, a day ahead of the men. Of the 23 riders, 13 were doing it for the 5th consecutive year.

This year Donnons des Elles au Vélo Jour-1 (commonly called J-1), which roughly translates to ‘Give the girls a bike’, were joined by the InternationElles. And we proudly partnered both as they caught the attention of a global audience.

To go further in our support than ever before, we invited cyclists from all over the world to get involved in the Climb for #ThisIsOurTime challenge on Strava. Together we beat our target of climbing 20 million metres, the equivalent of 500 Tour de France circuits, and proved that there are no barriers in cycling.

The message is clearer than ever: gender discrimination has no place on The Tour.

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