Meet the ENYAQ iV Robots

What makes the ENYAQ iV PU-RR

A gentle, caring soul, PU-RR is the quieter sibling with a passion for science & nature. When PU-RR is interested in something you can hear a mechanical ‘purring’ noise, like an electric engine.

Underneath the stunning exterior lies the ENYAQ’s purring heart of gold; the all electric engine with an impressive range.

The innovative, modern interiors deliver comfort & safety with the space you would expect from our SUVs, there’s room for all your robots (or humans).

What makes the ENYAQ iV GR-RR

Maverick and daring, GR-RR is the boisterous, tenacious & artistic sibling. Don’t fear the excitable ‘grrrs’, that’s him creating something that stands out.

The ENYAQ iV dynamic silhouette demands respect. The front grille leads the eye to the alloy wheels, sitting magnificently under the impressive lines & chrome finished edges.

The wow factor continues inside; every inch crafted with stylish flair with a vibrant 13” touchscreen display this SUV has plenty of Grrr.

The electric ŠKODA ENYAQ iV SUV

Explore the Fully electric ŠKODA ENYAQ iV SUV. Purrs electric. Grrrs attitude.