They are… Driven by something Different

The richest people on earth don’t belong to an exclusive club, they are all around you. Their wealth can’t be measured in numbers.

There are different sorts of riches that everyone can aspire to - finding inner contentment, striving to make the world a better place, and understanding your own intrinsic value. In other words, living an enriched life. The Alternative Rich List 2018, compiled in collaboration with ŠKODA, is a celebration of 30 people in the UK who do just that. This year The Sunday Times are celebrating their 30th edition, and we hope that The Alternative Rich List enjoys a similarly long shelf life, celebrating a wealth of talents in the widest possible sense.


View the most inspiring & fearless individuals of 2018.

Driven by something different.

Paloma Faith

Hear how Paloma made her own kind of music.

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Driver's seat initiative

Meet the champions' of the ŠKODA Driver's Seat Initiative.

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