ŠKODA drivers are a wide array of individuals living different lifestyles, holding different goals, and situated at different stages in their lives. We don’t believe in the philosophy of one-size-fits-all, because we are all one-of-a-kind.

We are all driven differently and we offer a suite of financing options that celebrate these differences.

Lease my ŠKODA

It’s never been easier to lease a brand new ŠKODA. Whether at home or on the go, choose from our stock of lease cars and get a quote in minutes.

Is Solutions the right plan for you?

It’s perfect if you like the idea of changing your vehicle regularly, reducing monthly repayments, or want to keep your options open in case your circumstances change.

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● OWNERSHIP: You would like the option to purchase your ŠKODA at the end of the contract, but with flexibility to swap for something new if your circumstances change.

● USAGE: You’re happy to keep your ŠKODA within an agreed mileage as you don’t do many cross-country roadtrips, only regular use like commuting, and running errands.

● PAYMENT: You want the lowest possible monthly payments, arranging a larger deposit upfront, or deferring some cost off until the end of the contract.

● ROTATION: You want to keep your options open, maybe exchanging for a different model, or upgrading later―depending on where life takes you.

● UPKEEP: You generally take good care of your car and are happy to keep it in an exchangeable condition.

Is Contract Hire the right plan for you?

It’s great if you simply want to pay a monthly rental for the vehicle, with an option to change it on a regular fixed period. To make budgeting easier, you can even build a service, maintenance and tyre plan into your monthly payments.




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● OWNERSHIP: Ownership isn’t important to you and you prefer to upgrade your ŠKODA regularly without the hassle of selling it on.

● USAGE: You’re happy to nominate how many miles you expect to drive each year and establish a milage agreement in your contract.

● PAYMENT: You want to simply pay a monthly rental for the vehicle, without the worry of depreciating assets.

● ROTATION: You like to keep it fresh and drive the latest model, preferring a regular vehicle upgrade over sticking with one model for years.

● UPKEEP: You keep your car in a great condition, and might be interested in including servicing, maintenance and a tyre plan in your contract.

Is Hire Purchase the right plan for you?

It's great if you’re planning on keeping your ŠKODA beyond the total period of your repayments. There's no mileage restrictions, a low deposit and you can choose the monthly term that best suits your budget. 


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● OWNERSHIP: You plan to keep your ŠKODA for a long time and would like to actually own it at the end of the contract.

● USAGE: You want the benefit of full ownership, not worrying about how many miles you clock up over time.

● PAYMENT: You want the flexibility to pay a small or large deposit at the start―perhaps with a trade-in―reducing your monthly repayments, and spread out the cost evenly throughout the term.

● ROTATION: You want to only replace your ŠKODA when you need to, potentially keeping the same one beyond your agreement length.

● UPKEEP: You want to choose how often you care for your ŠKODA―from washing it every week, to letting the rain do most of the work.

With a choice between a balloon repayment or full payout option, you may even find that a proportion of the rental repayments may be claimable against taxable profits.

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It’s a great option if you’re looking for long-term ownership, whilst reducing monthly outgoings.

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