ŠKODA Vision E

Driven By Something Different

The New ŠKODA Vision E demonstrates the future of automotive, and is the first all-electric vehicle in its long standing history. The Vision E is ŠKODA’s first step towards autonomous driving.

Future Features

With the VISION E, ŠKODA not only provides an outlook on the fully electric and thereby locally emission-free future of mobility but also on the forms of automated and autonomous driving which can be realised very soon.


Clean-cut lines, bold contours and crystalline features.


The customised interface stretches the whole dashboard and is augmented by eye-tracking, speech and gesture control.


Two electric engines co-operate with maximum efficiency, adaptable front and rear-wheel drive, a top speed of 110MPH with a range of 310 miles.


Thanks to intelligent management, the two electric engines drive the ŠKODA Vision E over all four wheels.


Operates independently in traffic jams, autopilots on the motorway, can stay in lane, avoid obstacles and autonomously searches for free parking spaces and parks.


Power that goes the distance. The powerful lithium-ion batteries and optimal recuperation allow a range of up to 310 miles.