Quality production - Only the best for you

Only the best is good enough for our customers. The principle that company founders Laurin and Klement followed, remains in effect at ŠKODA even to this day.
To produce the ŠKODA Fabia, Octavia and Superb models, we built new manufacturing facilities and equipped them with the most advanced technology available to automobile manufacturers worldwide. From car development to manufacturing, sales and aftersales customer service.

Cutting edge technology and people

To produce the ŠKODA Fabia, Octavia and Superb models, we built new manufacturing facilities and equipped them with the most advanced technology available to automobile manufacturers worldwide. Our employees are also leading specialists in their fields. As a result, the ŠKODA cars rolling off the production lines at our factories in the Czech Republic and abroad are of top quality and have excellent technical specifications.


We produce ŠKODA body parts (cast parts) at three stamping factories that house 14 stamping lines as well as other production lines. Using the most advanced equipment, we can produce cast parts of this highest quality for over 1,300 Fabia bodies or 860 second-generation Octavia bodies each and every day. In order to produce high-quality cast parts, we can create even the most intricate casting tools. The tool production facility is equipped with machining centres that can fulfil complex orders without blinking an eye – such as producing stamping dyes for car side plates. This machine part could be as large as 4500 x 2500 mm weighing nearly 20 tonnes.


Top quality and matching up all parts of the car’s body perfectly during assembly – this is the principal condition for attaining flawless final assembly and guaranteeing the car’s final appearance will be impeccable. At the modern facilities in Mladá Boleslav and in Kvasiny in northern Bohemia, qualified personnel work side-by-side with hundreds of robots to weld subassemblies as well as entire car bodies with absolute precision. We produce bodies for Octavia as well as all Fabia models in Mladá Boleslav. The bodies for the Superb are produced at a factory branch in Kvasiny.


It is impossible to imagine a new car without a perfectly coloured coat. This is why we have built modern facilities in Mladá Boleslav and Kvasiny that utilise automated and robotised manufacturing processes to paint ŠKODA cars. We also use the best quality materials that have a low environmental impact, including water-soluble topcoats.


ŠKODA Auto has a long history of producing cast moulds and forgings for engines and gearboxes. For example, as early as 1962 we became the first in Europe to use a high-pressure pouring process to produce intricate and complex aluminium cylinder blocks. Cast moulds from the aluminium foundry, grey cast iron and forgings from the forging facility in Mladá Boleslav are used not just in other factories that are part of the VW Group, but also at a number of local and international customers’ sites. We are continuously modernising the foundries and equipping them with the latest technology and technical equipment.

Engines and gearboxes production

ŠKODA Auto’s facility to produce engines, axles and gearboxes is one of the most advanced production bases within the entire VW Group. Production was launched here in 2001. We produce modern three-cylinder 1.2 HTP and four-cylinder 1.2 TSI motors for ŠKODA, VW and Seat brand cars. Besides additional petrol and diesel motors, we also assemble MQ 200 modern concept gearboxes for the VW Group and ŠKODA Auto. These gearboxes are notable for their ability to offer a comfortable and quiet ride. Production launch of the new transmission MQ 100 for a small family car is scheduled for late 2010. In addition, we assemble front and rear axles for the Fabia and Octavia as well as rear axles for the Superb at the facility.

Final assembly

New ŠKODA Fabias and Octavias roll off the production line in Mladá Boleslav. The Superb is manufactured at the newly reconstructed and expanded factory branch in Kvasiny. We also assemble ŠKODA cars at additional international manufacturing and assembly plants. We never shortchange the most important specification – and that is quality.

You are important to us

We pay particular attention to the level of care our retailers devote to customers. Not just high-quality cars, but also you, our customers, deserve only the best. Visit your ŠKODA retailer and find out for yourself just how much your satisfaction with our products matters to us and we are ready to provide you with the same high-quality services as when you purchase the car even after you become the owner of one of our models. Guaranteed mobility, high-quality service, 24-hour assistance, original parts and accessories including installation, paint and body service, wheel and tyre storage and many more services – for us, these are all just a matter of course. You are important to us.