What is WLTP?

The Worldwide Harmonized Light-Duty Vehicles Test Procedure or WLTP was introduced in September 2017 and represents a new, worldwide standard cycle. WLTP aims to utilise a profile more similar to actual daily driving behaviour than the previous NEDC standard. The new procedure is intended to provide a more realistic representation of a vehicle’s consumption. This is based on a modified test cycle with stricter test specifications.

What is the difference between the NEDC test and the WLTP test?

Why are you quoting the old (NEDC) figures for fuel consumption and emissions, instead of the new (WLTP) figures?

What will WLTP measure?

What does WLTP mean for me as a customer?

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When are the changes happening and how does it impact on taxation?

What is the benefit of lab testing for vehicle emissions?

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