My vehicle is affected. Do I need to take it to a workshop immediately?

No. Once the technical measures for your vehicle are ready to be implemented, we will write directly to you with details of how and when they can be implemented in your vehicle.

The NOx emissions issue does not change the fact that your car remains safe and roadworthy. There is no evidence to suggest that the affected EA189 diesel engine vehicles present a risk to health or safety as a result of the NOx emissions issue.

In addition, this issue does not impact the fuel consumption or any other aspect of the affected vehicles’ performance during normal use.

I’ve received a letter telling me that the technical measures for my vehicle are ready, what do I do now?

My vehicle is affected. Can I still drive it?

My vehicle is affected. Who will contact me about the next steps?

My vehicle is affected. Will I be charged for getting the repair?

When will I be contacted with further information?

Are EU6 Diesel engines affected by the NOx emissions testing issue?

Can the update cause any damage to the vehicle?

Will the planned Service action apply to all vehicles affected by this issue?