With the school break well and truly underway, 5.3 million parents across the UK will be packing the car for family trips this summer.

Despite advance purchases of food, drink and in-car entertainment by 9 in 10 UK parents, the age-old question, ‘Are we there yet?’, will be heard over 3 million times from the back seats of cars this summer.

ŠKODA to the rescue with not just an impressive range of in-car accessories, but a free Road Trip Bingo game to keep the kids entertained. Download here...

Instructions for Bingo

On your journey keep your eyes peeled for the people and scenarios illustrated on the cards.

  • Tick off the pictures as you go with a pencil or crayon
  • The first passenger to get a full row wins (Up, down or diagonal)
  • Extra points awarded if a passenger gets ‘full house’
  • Reward your winner with an ice cream, the opportunity to choose the next game played by the family or to change places in the car at the next stop