• Citigo
      • CITIGO 5 Door
        CITIGO 5 Door from  8,985
        CITIGO 5 door
        • ​Our smart city car​​
        • Big on quality and value for money
        • A generous, flexible interior space
        • boot space251l /959l
        • up to0mpg
        • from0g/km
      • CITIGO 5 Door Monte Carlo
        CITIGO 5 Door Monte Carlo from  11,520
        CITIGO 5 Door Monte Carlo
        • ​​​​​​​​​​​15-inch Auriga black alloy wheels​​​​​​​​​
        • Lowered suspension​​
        • ​​Front and rear spoile​r​​
        • boot space251l /959l
        • up to0mpg
        • from0g/km
  • Fabia
      • FABIA Hatch
        FABIA Hatch from  11,295
        Fabia Hatch
        • ​​​​​The next step in ŠKODA’s design language
        • ​​Outstanding interior space
        • ​​​Become the designer with our Colour Concept
        • boot space330l /1150l
        • up to0mpg
        • from0g/km
      • FABIA Estate
        FABIA Estate from  13,175
        FABIA Estate
        • ​​​​The next step in ŠKODA's design language​
        • Available with a host of ‘Simply Clever’ solutions
        • ​Up to 1,395 litres of boot space​​​
        • boot space530l /1395l
        • up to589mpg
        • from88g/km
      • FABIA Monte Carlo
        FABIA Monte Carlo from  16,100
        FABIA Monte Carlo
        • ​​​​​​​​​​16" Italia black alloy wheels
        • ​LED daytime running lights
        • ​​​Pan​oramic glass roof
        • boot space330l /1150l
        • up to0mpg
        • from0g/km
  • Rapid
      • RAPID
        RAPID from  15,345
        • ​​​​​​​Our new family car​​​​​​​
        • Hatchback body style with fantastic interior space
        • Up to 1490 litres of boot space
        • boot space550l /1490l
        • up to0mpg
        • from0g/km
  • Rapid Spaceback
        RAPID SPACEBACK from  14,410
        RAPID Spaceback
        • ​​​Dynamic and fresh design​
        • Spacious passenger leg room and boot
        • ​​Up to 1,380 litres of boot space
        • boot space415l /1380l
        • up to0mpg
        • from0g/km
  • Octavia
      • OCTAVIA Hatch
        OCTAVIA Hatch from  17,195
        OCTAVIA Hatch
        • ​​​​​​​​​​​All-new bold exterior design
        • Now available with enhanced driver assistance systems
        • ​Its spacious, premium interior makes it perfect for families
      • OCTAVIA Estate
        OCTAVIA Estate from  18,395
        OCTAVIA Estate
        • ​​​​​​​​​​The hugely spacious Octavia Estate has never felt more agile​
        • Filled with the latest technology and connectivity
        • ​Available with enhanced driver assistance systems
      • OCTAVIA Scout
        OCTAVIA Scout from  26,685
        OCTAVIA Scout
        • ​​​​​​​​​​​Features a rugged new design
        • ​​Offers practicality and uncompromising performance
        • ​​Available with the latest technology and connectivity​
      • OCTAVIA vRS Hatch
        OCTAVIA vRS Hatch from  25,185
        OCTAVIA vRS Hatch
        • ​​​​​​​​​​​Showcases a dynamic new design
        • ​​The perfect combination of space, pace and power
        • ​​Available with enhanced driver assistance systems​
      • OCTAVIA vRS Estate
        OCTAVIA vRS Estate from  26,385
        OCTAVIA vRS Estate
        • ​​​​​​​​​Showcases a dynamic new design
        • ​​The perfect combination of space, pace and power
        • ​​Available with the latest technology and connectivity​
  • Superb
      • SUPERB Hatch
        SUPERB Hatch from  20,050
        SUPERB Hatch
        • Style and space redefined
        • Our flagship family executive
        • ​​Auto Express 'Best Famil​​y Car' 2015​
        • boot space625l /1760l
        • up to0mpg
        • from0g/km
      • SUPERB Estate
        SUPERB Estate from  21,330
        SUPERB Estate
        • The most spacious and com​​fortable ŠKODA yet
        • Our flagship family executive
        • Auto Express 'Best Family Car' 2015
        • boot space660l /1950l
        • up to0mpg
        • from0g/km
  • All-New Karoq
  • Kodiaq
      • KODIAQ
        KODIAQ from  22,190
        • ​​​​Our first car to offer seven seats
        • Design, space, functionality and connectivity​​​ combined
        • Best large SUV - WhatCar? Car of the Year 2017 awards​
      • KODIAQ Scout
        KODIAQ Scout from  32,330
        KODIAQ Scout
        • ​​Features a rugged new design
        • ​Offers practicality and uncompromising performance
        • Available with the latest technology and connectivity​

The ŠKODA Superb


From ​​ OTR

Safety Evolved

The ŠKODA Superb has been designed with safety in mind. It boasts a wide range of revolutionary safety features from Blind Spot Detection to the Driver Fatigue Sensor, making everyday driving scenario's that bit easier.

Lane assist

Lane assist is designed to keep the vehicle in its lane and, if necessary, alert the driver of an unwanted lane change. If a vehicle is too close to a lane edge, the system gently intervenes in the steering to keep the vehicle central whilst illustrating the situation on the Superb’s integrated display.

Blind spot assist  

Blind Spot Detection

The ŠKODA Superb will protect you from vehicles in your 'blind spot' with the new Blind Spot Detection system. It uses the radar located in the rear bumper to warn you about vehicles fast approaching that you may not otherwise notice.

An LED symbol is displayed on your wing mirror if a car appears in your blind spot. The LED symbol flashes if you begin to indicate, warning you of the potential danger.

Traffic Jam Assist

In a traffic jam scenario, the system merges Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane assist and the DSG gearbox providing both comfort and safety. The vehicle provides lane guidance to help the vehicle stay in lane whilst ACC automatically brakes and accelerates during areas of congestion, following the traffic ahead. For safety, the driver’s hands must remain on the steering wheel for this to work.

Traffic assist  
Crew protect assist  

Crew Protection Assist

The proactive system is designed to mitigate possible consequences in the event of a collision. The smart system analyses driving data and reacts by retracting the front-seat safety belts, pulling up the side windows and shutting the panoramic sunroof if it sense a collision is imminent.


Up to nine strategically pl​aced airbags, provide driver and passenger safety.

Front airbags
Side airbag – front
Curtain airbag
Knee airbag
​The driver's knee airbag is positioned to protect the driver​'s leg in case of frontal impact.​
​Front airbags
​​The driver is protected by a front facing airbag mounted in the steering wheel.​
​Side airbag – front seat
​Side airbags located in the front seats protect the thorax for both driver and passenger in the event of a side impact.​
Side airbag – rear​​ seats​​
Backseat passengers benefit from the same level of side protection.

Curtain airbags

Curtain airbags provide maximum safety by covering the window area protecting the heads of the occupants in both the front and rear seats.​​

EURO NCAP Five-star Safety

Five-star safety

Awarded the maximum five-star rating in the Euro NCAP crash tests, the Superb’s innovative design and safety systems provide you and your passengers with the best possible protection in the event of an accident.

More safety features

Driver Alert
Child seat safety
The new ŠKODA Superb's rear-seat ISOFIX ancho​ring points make it even easier to safely install child seats in the vehicle, providing better attachments to the car’s body. ISOFIX​ anchoring points can also be fitted to the front passenger seat.​
ESC with Multicollision Brake
​​​​If a car is involved in an accident and the airbags are activated, it could remain in motion and cause another accident. The ESC incorp​orat​​es a multicollision brake, a safety feature which activates the braking system after a collision, bringing the car to a standstill to help prevent further damage.
Driver fatigue sensor
​​​The new Superb will monitor a driver’s behaviour, analysing whether a driver exhibits signs of fatigue. This information is compared with pre-defined characteristics of drowsy behaviour. Warnings will be displayed to r​ecommend the driver to take a break.​​​

Do not remove or change this. This is for GA tracking. You will not see in the front-end.

Model section - Superb Hatch 2015: Safety