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The ŠKODA Superb


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The ŠKODA Superb - Performance and Engines

The ŠKODA Superb takes a giant leap into the next generation of design, positioning itself at the forefront of the executive family driving experience. Not just relying on its bold appearance, the inner workings of the ŠKODA Superb provide a truly comfortable driving experience.

The new generation of direct-injection turbocharged engines consist of four TSI petrol and three TDI diesel engines.

Explore deeper inside by seeing what each engine has to offer and begin planning your engine set up.


Whether driving at a leisurely speed down a country lane or at higher speeds along a busy motorway, the TSI engine always runs quietly - suprising considering it comes with direct fuel injection and a turbocharger with waste gate.

TSI Engine  
TDI Engine  


These 4-cylinder engines come with direct fuel injection and a turbocharger with variable turbine geometry.

An intelligent machine

The ŠKODA Superb comes with brake energy recovery. This feature transforms the kinetic energy generated when braking into usable electricity which is either stored in the battery or used across any of the Superb’s electrical systems. The stop/start system is also included. Simply clever.

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