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The new ŠKODA Octavia Hatch from​

Driven By Something Different​

The new ŠKODA Octavia Hatch is quite simply one of the best-equipped vehicles around, with a stunning array of ingenious technological features available as both standard and optional extras.

Whether you need the prices at the nearest petrol station, an extra hand manoeuvring a trailer or state-of-the-art safety systems, find out how the new Octavia’s innovative technological features can make your journeys shorter, safer, and far more enjoyable.

Technology and Safety Features

Trailer assist
Having an extra vehicle in tow should never be a drag. The new Trailer assist feature does the trickiest tasks for you and takes control of reversing when you utilise the convenient tow cable. All you have to do is decide where to reverse to, when to start and when to stop.​​​​
Front assist and pedestrian protection
​​​​The Front assist system, using a radar device in the front grille, is designed to monitor distance from the vehicle ahead, including automatic slowing down and braking. The new Octavia Hatch also comes with Front assist expanded with Predictive pedestrian protection, warning the driver if a pedestrian attempts to dangerously cross the path of the car, via an audio/visual signal as well as a gentle jolt of the brakes.​​​​
Adaptive cruise control
In addition to the basic Cruise control function available (as standard from the SE trim) on the new Octavia Hatch model, the Adaptive cruise control (ACC) system uses a radar device in the front grille to help maintain a safe distance from vehicles in front of you at a selected speed. The technologies also regulate the engine and activate the brakes to automatically accelerate or decelerate as needed.​ Adaptive cruise control is optional on SE and SE L trims, and available as standard from the Laurin & Klement trim.​​​​
Smart light assist
​​​​​Fed up of constantly switching between high beam and back when driving at night? Smart light assist will do this for you, removing the hassle and allowing you to focus on nothing but the drive.​
Blind spot detection
​​​You can change lanes with confidence in the new Octavia Hatch thanks to Blind spot detection. When the system detects vehicles in the blind spot next to the car or approaching from behind, an LED symbol in the door mirror lights up to notify you. Also, if you indicate in the direction of the detected vehicle, the LED light will start to flash, alerting you to the possible danger.​​​​​


Infotainment Online
The advanced infotainment systems with numerous features enable you to make hands free telephone calls even when you are driving, connect external devices via a USB port even from the back seats, and control the infotainment system via a mobile application from anywhere in the car.

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ŠKODA Connect
​​ŠKODA Connect is a brand new feature introduced to the new ŠKODA Octavia. The package includes Infotainment Online services that provide more information and real-time navigation details, and Care Connect that provides remote access as well as assistance.

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Connect your car to your phone, and vice versa! SmartLink supports Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Mirrorlink™ technologies, allowing you to access your phone’s functions through your Octavia. Whether you want to select and listen to music on your smartphone or receive turn-by-turn directions, all the information is mirrored on the central display. Standard on all models.

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SKODA Octavia SmartLink  
SKODA Octavia SmartGate 


SmartGate is a system that uses Wi-Fi to send selected vehicle data to a connected device. This allows you to view more than 40 specs telemetrically, including vehicle speed, engine speed, the fuel level, the trip computer or g-meter, brake status and the throttle position, allowing your Octavia to communicate with you. Optional only.

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