New ŠKODA Octavia Hatch Performance & Engine Specs

​The new ŠKODA Octavia Hatch from​

Driven By Something Different​

The new ŠKODA Octavia’s exceptional design demands a performance to match. A generous choice of petrol and diesel engines, each with power-boosting technology, ensures your Octavia will be a joy to drive and enables you to choose the ideal motor for you.

Whichever engine you choose, you will be guaranteed a performance worthy of the vehicle’s aesthetics and a smooth ride courtesy of the Macpherson suspension with torsion stabiliser.


SKODA Octavia TSI 


All of the petrol engines available on the new ŠKODA Octavia Hatch feature TSI technology, which together with the in-line, liquid cooling system, direct injection, DOHC, and transverse in front, provides a dynamic performance.


The whole range of diesel engines, supplied with the common rail fuel injection system, features a turbocharger with self-aligning blades, delivering a superior performance.

SKODA Octavia TDI  


The new Octavia comes equipped with a transverse in-line turbo charged engine featuring a liquid cooling system, direct injection and DOHC as standard. The engine is also brimming with smart technology to enable it to adapt to different driving conditions, including efficient start/stop technology and the ingenious front assist system – now bolstered by predictive pedestrian protection technology - automatically applying the brakes if an obstacle is ahead.


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