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Life is about connecting with the things that matter most to you. We made it possible for Robbie Smith to reconnect with his family who live 16,893 kilometres away. Now we've launched the Reconnect Fund – a pot of money we've made available to help you reconnect with things you love.

If you've lost touch with a favourite hobby, person or place that means the world to you, simply let us know how an​​d why you would reconnect, and we could make it happen.​ #SKODAReconnectMe

We helped Robbie reconnect with his family from 16,893 kilometres away. We've just launched the Reconnect Fund, and this money will be used to help reconnect you with the thing you love. Let us know if you have a hobby, person or place that you want to reconnect with. Tell us about your story and we could make it happen. ​ #SKODAReconnectMe

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Behind The Scenes



We set up 32-year old Robbie Smith with a series of clues along his morning commute. Watch as he nearly walks past his family who he hasn’t seen in years.


Behind The Scenes

How ŠKODA set up son with surprise family reconnection, during his commute.