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The ŠKODA Fabia Estate is available in three trim levels, each unique, each featuring standard spec that was once only available in higher-segment vehicles. Simply Clever solutions and interior options give you the chance to steal attention with the ŠKODA Fabia Estate.


From £12,630 OTR


From £14,135 OTR


From £14,925 OTR

Climate control air conditioning  - Skoda Fabia Estate
Maxi DOT - Skoda Fabia Estate
 keyless stop start system - Skoda Fabia Estate
Cruise control - Skoda Fabia Estate
Front and rear parking sensors - Skoda Fabia Estate
Climate control air conditioning
Available on the SE L trim, it will automatically maintain the Fabia Estate's interior temperature whilst the humidity sensor reduces windshield fogging.​​​​​​
Maxi DOT
The outside air temperature, distance travelled, call data from a Bluetooth connected device and information from some of the assist systems are what you get with the Maxi DOT. As the driver you'll remain informed of everything you need to know about your new Fabia Estate as you drive, including when to take that well deserved break.​​​​​​​​​​​​​
KESSY GO (a keyless stop start system) is available as standard on SE L trim, lets you jump in your new Fabia Estate and start the engine without taking the keys out of your pocket.​​​​​​​​
Cruise control
​When out on those long drives, simply select the cruise control feature and your new Fabia Estate will maintain your speed until you press the brake.​​​​​​​​
Front and rear parking sensors
Parking the new Fabia Estate is easy with the assistance of the front and rear parking sensors, which use visual and audio signals to report the distance from obstacles.​​​​​​

Wheels for the Fabia Estate

Choosing the perfect set of wheels for your Fabia Estate is just as important as the colour you pick. 17” Clubber alloys or the sportier 16” Beam alloys, which ones will you choose?

15" Dentro steel wheels

SAvailable as standard

Dentro steel

15" Mato alloy wheels

SAvailable as an option
SEAvailable as standard

Mato alloy

15" Matone alloy wheels

SEAvailable as an option

Matone alloy

16" Rock alloy wheels

SEAvailable as an option
SE LAvailable as standard

Rock alloy

17" Prestige alloy wheels

SEAvailable as an option
SE LAvailable as an option

Prestige alloy

17" Clubber alloy wheels

SE LAvailable as an option

Clubber alloy

16" Beam (White)
alloy wheels

Available as standard on S, SE and SE L trims with white colour concept

Beam (White) alloy wheels

16" Beam (Silver)
alloy wheels

Available as standard on S, SE and SE L trims with silver colour concept

Beam (Silver) alloy wheels

16" Beam (Black)
alloy wheels

Available as standard on S, SE and SE L trims with black colour concept

Beam (Black) alloy wheels

Also available as an accessory...

17" Savio alloy wheels

Available to purchase as an accessory on S, SE and SE L trims.

Savio alloy


Colours for the Fabia Estate

Colour Concept, available on the Fabia Estate, allows you to become the designer. Choose your side mirrors and 16" Beam alloy wheels in either white, silver or black and match them with a selection of exterior body colours. Apply one of the featured Colour Concepts yourself:

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Some of the images displayed on this page are examples only and exterior/ interior/feature combinations may not be reflective of UK specification.

new fabia interior

Simple solutions. Clever implementation.

Simply Clever is more than just a slogan. From the very first stages of design we keep the driver and their passengers in mind. Using everyday problems we encounter, we search for effective, simple and clever solutions.

Simply Clever is that extra little bit of thought.

new fabia

The ice scraper is located in the fuel filler flap, ready and waiting.

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new fabia

Slide-out wastebasket clips to the passenger door’s storage wells.

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new fabia

Storage pockets on the sides of the front seat backrests.

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Do not remove or change this. This is for GA tracking. You will not see in the front-end.

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