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Stealing attention
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Bringing design to life

The Fabia Estate marks the next step in the development of ŠKODA's design language. The fusion of crystalline shapes, sharp lines and expressive practicality maintains ŠKODA's rich history of building design-orientated cars. The Fabia Estate is a great example of dynamic design working in harmony with practicality.

The journey from the drawing board to the reality of its presence on the road has taken our designers and engineers several years. At ŠKODA, we believe it is important to take our time in order to get in right.

Attention stealing design

The front

Mounted precisely at the point of the car's centre, the distinctive ŠKODA logo becomes the starting point from which the Fabia's crystalline bonnet beading draws the eye over the entire front-end of the car.

see our vision - front  
see our vision - headlights  

The headlights

The ŠKODA Fabia's headlights are wide and precision cut - remaining perfectly balanced with the grille. This design feature emphasises the visual strength of the Fabia Estate's front-end - giving the car a stronger, wider road stance.

The rear

The high shoulder line creates a natural edge. The sloped rear window and inward pull of the lower portion of the tailgate emphasises the harmony of elements used in the Fabia Estate's construction.

see our vision - rear  
see our vision - tail lights  

The tail lights

Bold lines converge to form C-shaped tail lights that frame the indicator and reverse lights, creating more depth to the car's rear and giving it overall strength in appearance.

 fabia dashboard  

The dashboard

The dashboard of the Fabia Estate is both dynamic and intuitive. Made up of natural contours, the positioning of the air con and our range of optional extras have been positioned to provide the driver with easy reach access whilst on the road.

fabia interior  

The interior

The ŠKODA Fabia has enough space for 5 occupants plus more than enough space their luggage. Although slightly lower than its bestselling predecessor, the passenger area is wider and longer providing more headroom to the driver and front seat passengers.

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